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So Horny...It Hurts!

As usual my discussions stem from random thoughts that I have and from conversations with friends, family, & acquaintances. But we were talking about sex and levels of horniness and one of us spoke up and said, "I'm so hurts!" (Hmmm...I thought about this and came you...)

Have you ever gotten to the point where you are so horny it hurts! Its a physical ache deep in your bones. Every muscle and sinew, every step, stretch, and run, is so physically excrutiating to the point of being unbearable! You know sometimes your eyes cross, you get bumps on your face, and your nerves are completely on edge. You say your are angry and frustrated when in fact all you need is a little hot monkey sex to get you back in order...In situations like that, your body has a tendency to shut down on itself.

As I write this, I wonder how many of us are so horny that it hurts? I honestly feel that dyck and puzzy are a dime a dozen...anyone, and I do mean anyone, regardless o…

Celibacy vs Abstinence

Recently, I have discussed with women the notion of celibacy vs abstinence.

Alot of women are saying that they are embracing celibacy (some for 4 or more years) because they have not found a qualified black man. Well first of all, what the piss (my friend Reggie says that alot LOL) is a qualified black man? I counter that with, by qualified do you mean, kind, considerate, compassionate, romantic, humorous, witty, charming---in a word F U N. A qualified man is a man that makes you feel good about you and about being with him, it is not a man that can take care of you financially. I don't see anything wrong with celibacy for anyone.

However, celibacy would be carrying things a bit far for me. I am an uninhibited woman, BUT I am willing to embrace abstinence.

Is it abstinance if you say:

"I reject my penis"...

Is it celibacy if you say I don't have sex but I masterbate?

Is masterbation considered abstinance? These are questions that come to mind...hell, sometimes we get so ho…

Whose To Blame???

Whose to blame for the generational issues facing our community, especially those of our youth?

I ask because of a conversation I had in the barbershop a while back...basically one of the gentlemen said that the reason our young boys are straying and doing what they do is due in large part to the fact that HIS generation is at fault. The generation that he refers to is the children of the baby boomers. He said that the men left, didn't uphold and/or share in the rearing, raising, and responsibility of the children and it has had an adverse affect on the kids.
His claim stemmed from the pressure that kids are faced with daily and also the luxuries that we have given them. Are the children spoiled? Are they rambunctious? Mischevious? or just plain Unruly?

Young women don't seem to respect themselves the way they should. The music videos portray that they have to act a certain way in order to get men. The fashion industry shows them that they have to be rail thin in order to be attr…

Women...Do You Take On Your Man's Beliefs?

Do you think that women change their beliefs and values system according to the man that they are with?

It is an interesting question. How many of you know women that were adamant and quite staunch on a subject- say infidelity, then they meet a man with a liberal view on it and now all of a sudden, they feel exactly the way he does. Another one, is a woman that was extremely private and conservative sexually, and then she meets a man and he has "opened" her mind to other ways of seeking pleasure.

Is this mindset wrong? Aren't women encourged to "become one" with their mate? IMO, I think this way of thinking is the complete and utter loss of yourself. Before you met that man, you were raised with your parents values and believes. However, as we grow and become adults, (forward & critically thinking) we learn that what Mom & Dad taught/instilled in us wasn't necessarily right, but as you learn and grow to know yourself, you develop/establish your own sy…

Unnecessary Drama...

Now I know women are gonna trip on this, as my last few blogs have been about women and how we act/react to situations. Now, I enjoy having a good time, socializing, etc...But I went out recently and just experienced some unnecessary drama....

I went out Thursday for drinks to a 30 & over spot in Baltimore called "Melba's Place", nothing much to talk about really, but its closer to me than DC and there are no clubs in Pasadena/Annapolis, that I would go to. While there, I went into business mode handing out my business cards, talking about the books, blogs, and chats...hell, yeah, I even talked shyt to folks, but long story, something happened...

I am lounging in my robe, eating bon-bons, drinking wine, when my phone rings...and as I answer it I hear "WTF you giving me the phone for...I don't know she was passing out her cards...your azz is phucking crazy" then the line goes why would a business card cause confusion...????

I know, …

Pleasing Your Man

Where to begin...there is nothing better than pleasing the one that you are with...right?

I can remember a time when women didn't even want to admit that they performed oral sex on a man/men, but nowadays, its a whole new game. Women are exalting in their new found power of persusion and seduction...they are revelling in their control of making him loose his mind for a few hot seconds...LOL

But in recent conversations with men, I am told that not all women truly know how to give a good blow job. Men will tell you that no teeth are needed, and please keep conversation to a minimum.

There are several techniques in the art of fellatio...I am just going to touch on a few...

ladies lay the man on his back and climb between his legs...this is the "king of the mountain" position, that will grant you access to his entire body...

kneeling/sitting is great also...the sensation is more intense and allows for deep throating

doggy style...he is on all fours and you get behind him,…

I'm Pregnant...He's Married

This is to spin off from my last know the more I thought about cheating and women dealing with openly and knowingly with married men, I asked myself --"Why are the women allowing themselves to get pregnant by a married man?" That question boggles me, as most of the things that my gender does.

See, my thoughts are, if he is cheating with you, number one, not only are both of you wrong, but it shows that he ain't giving two damns about his wife at home if he is willing to sleep with you on the raw. Yes, I know the arguement...raw feels sooooo good...its nother better than sliding between those hot slick slippery walls, but remember, everything has a price.

Most men don't want to wear a condom, its up to the women to make them, yall know my feelings (and the Pro-Lifers are going to eat me up) but a baby is so easily eliminated from your life (I am not an advocate for abortion as a form of birth control, but why have a baby that no one wants), whereas a disease …

The Other Woman

Half a man is better than no man at all...this is what I thought of as I listend to the Bad Boy on the radio yesterday.

As I listened to these women talk about how much that man loved them, and how he was willing to take care of them and give them money, I thought damn! Are we that hard up for a man, that we take someone elses? What goes wrong in a relationship, hell for that matter, what goes on in a woman's life that makes you step out of that boundary and into another realm. The arms of another? The mind of another? The heart of another?

Women have allowed for so many bad behaviors, the late night phone calls, the "lets eat dinner at my house" all the damn time, the never meeting his friends, or family, habits and behaviors such as this that have perpetuated the deplorable and degrading actions of men to women. It seems to me that folks are getting married with this notion that it won't last, hell, I know folks that get married with a side piece . What in the piss t…

Single Pregnant Female

First let me start off by saying that I DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN!! NOR AM I MARRIED!!!

BUT...what is with women that continue to have babies by men they don't know, barely know, only known for a minute, or even known them for years. Where is this phenomen coming from? What is it that gets into their heads that tells them they wish to procreate with this man that already has one or more children?

I ask this question because of some issues that I have going on in my family at this time. Women popping up pregnant, (all of a sudden) like it was a mistake or an accident. There is a trend of women my age (I am 39) and older that seem to be "making mistakes" we all know that at our age, its not a mistake. She done phucked around and listened to society telling her that her biological clock is ticking ergo I need a baby. There are alot of men 40 and up that have children in their twenties and toddlers...looking ten carat crazy, because they thought they were done, now they are …

Women Are Emotionally Retarded

The topic on women not listening sparked a madddd debate between a friend and I.

I am of the belief that if a woman is interested in a man and that man she is interested in or in lust with doesn't reciprocate her feelings she should move on. She should remove herself from this man and also ensure that he is no longer in her immediate inner circle/core of friends, but rather on the outer fringes of her life. I was told that by my saying this, then I believe that women are emotionally unable to handle rejection and therefore must cast their net out to others hoping that someone else will bite. Rather we (women) should keep this man around as a friend and not involve ourselves with other men, just because the man that the woman is interested in is not interested in her. He went on to liken it to a woman shooting buckshots until she shoots and catches someone.

I went on to state that if women find themselves in this emotional quagmire of a situation with a man whose feelings aren't …

Sistah Big Bones

First let me start off by saying...I am a Full Figured Sistah...

But, why why why, are their so many full figured sistahs out there with their gut hanging out of their shirt? They have on belts that come up under the first gut and not the waist (if there is one)! They also wear these hipster pants, which are made for women with flat azzes and stomachs...not girls with butt and gutt, at least not those whose butt to gutt ratio isn't proportionate. Quite frankly, I am tired of seeing it....I am tired of seeing so many big girls with too little too tight shyt on!

Like I said, I am a full figured sista...size'd never catch me in half of the clothes that they make, because I know what is and is not flattering for my figure. Just because they make it in a 22 doesn't mean it is meant for you. Now granted some plus size women have it going on...i.e. Toccara from Next Top Model has a smoking figure, very proportionate. As is the model on the front cover of my novel THE P…

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