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Philidelphia Freedom

Philadelphia Freedom, shine on me, I LOVE ya, shine your light. - words by Elton John

That statement rang true recently as I recently visited the city of Brotherly Love. This trip was different from my annual trips for my family reunion. This trip I actually attended a rea live club, with real people! Go Figure! When usually we make the trek to Philly for our family reunion, we normally end up riding around in circles lost never able to find a club...but not this time...this time we got to the spot- Bluezette's on Market Street.

Now the key to this trip was two I was selling my book THE PARTY {availale on and ISBN 097454860X} and the other was a meet and greet of Happily Single individuals. Yes that's right Happily Single people from up and down the east coast met in and partied together.

Honestly, I had a ball...this time it wasn't an estrogen fest, there appeared to me, to be an equal amount of men as women in attendence. Which is un…