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The Continuing Saga of - TIGER GATE

I'd promised myself that I would not succumb to the niggardom of this entire personal debacle of Tiger Woods.

This whole public outrage of "how dare he" or "how could he" is just amazing to me. From the likes of noted celebrity attorney, Gloria Allred who called his apology a “staged public stunt” , to the tricks who actually were integral in “kissing and telling” honestly pisses me off. Folks are screaming for his head like Marie Antoinette, in such a hypocritical matter, appalled me! They should be outraged for the Catholic Priest preying on the altar boys, or for the Child Pedophiles who molest and damage children, but no they are upset over a grown ass man who just couldn’t keep his penis in his pants.

Is it Tiger’s fault that women are attracted to money, fame, and power? Is it his fault that they prostituted themselves just to say “I slept with Tiger Woods”? The women that Eldr…