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3 Greatest Loves

3 Greatest Loves
Recently I learned that we only experience 3 great loves of our lives. I had no idea because I’ve only experienced the first of those 2 loves and I hope before I die, I get to experience the 3rd. What are the 3 greatest loves that we will experience?
Young Love/First Love Our first of the three is that of young love or our first love. It is new and fresh and has our emotions all over the place. We are told that this type of love doesn’t last, but we all know high school sweethearts who have been together since high school or in some cases middle school. I had this experience with my high school sweetheart; it lasted 15yrs...until it didn't.

. Toxic Love Our second love is that Toxic Love. It’s that love where there is always some sort of drama or contention and for whatever reason we tend to overstay in this type of love. Sassy can tell you, that she has experienced a couple of these, not in an abusive way, but in a way that I knew they weren’t good for me but I didn’t …
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Wassup! Wassup! Wassup everyone! It’s been a very long time since I last wrote ANYTHING remotely resembling a blog and for that I apologize.

During my self-imposed, but not really, because I was too busy to catch you all up on what  I ‘ve been doing (sorry for the run on, but its kinda how my life has been). So I’m doing  radio on an actual radio station (I know, cool right)! Anyway, not to take away from my 7 years on BlogTalkRadio but I being on the air during Prime Time Drive Time – 5pm to 8pm, on Women Talk Radio, Friday’s was such a rush and a thrill for fulfilling a dream.
From that show we transitioned to TELEVISION! Yes, you heard me right – television – I am so stoked!. The show is Women Talk Live and it airs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on LaunchTV on DirectTV!
Additionally, I have joined the land of Scoping…that is Periscope – a fun new way of getting Sassyism’s and thoughts out to you!
That said, I wanted to get you up to speed on all of my social media sites:
FaceBook – www…