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I Hope 18 Is Enough...Damn!

Children are a true blessing...but when is enough enough? I am sure we all know people who for whatever reason continue to have children but this woman...Michelle Duggar, takes the cake. Her family are reality television stars of the show "17 Kids and Counting...", personally I have never watched the show, just because the mere thought of 17 kids is crazy enough, but for those family and friends of mine that have watched it find it amazing that there are no sibling rivalries or squabbles.

I am one of 5, 4 girls and a 1 boy, and to this day we still have the "you get on my nerves" conversation, so to hear that they exemplify the "perfect" family boggles my mind...

Another point is this...her body has to be tired! At some point when does her body say "no mas"...LOL...ladies help me out here, I am 41 and this woman is 42 and has been having babies for the last 20 years...TWENTY YEARS!!!!! The children range in age from 20 years-old to 1...and now bab…

WSER Sassy Entertainment Radio™ - Audrey Eve


SassyScribe Media Entertainment
P.O. Box 232
Pasadena, MD 21123


December 10, 2008, (Baltimore, MD): Sassy and Dlyte welcomes Audrey Eve Grider, author of the explosive best selling novel MESSAGES FROM A GODLY PLACE: Spiritual Insights for a Challenging World {ISBN-13: 978-0-981059-0-0} (, on Thursday, December 11, 2008, for an in-depth discussion on Power In Relationships.

“I created this novel with the intention to help people and provide them with a greater sense of well being.”

“WSER Sassy Entertainment Radio™” is a hypnotically engaging interactive radio show streaming live each and every Thursday on your Internet airwaves at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST. Saundra E. Harris, an Award winning author, turned talk show host aptly called “SassyScribe”, and Dlyte dishes a saucy discussion designed to bridge the communication gap between the genders on dating, sex, and relationships, …

Is It Okay To Marry For Money...????

A while back I posted a blog entited "ARE WOMEN WHORES FOR MONEY"{} ...I have to ask this question and just put it out it okay for women to marry for money?

I look at the BravoTV series of the Real Housewives of OC, NYC, and most recently ATL and I listen to this young 25yo woman say "at first when I met my husband I was not physically attracted to him, but then I realized he was sweet and very successful..." and I am sitting at home going WTF...I mean for real...don't tell me you didn't find his money attractive first then you began to actually like him...come on...then to have one of the other OC housewives state "I can see what she see's in him, he is a very successful and confident man..." man puhleaze...why won't the women just say it...its fun and good and easy to marry to for money...I won't castigate for saying that...because you are bein…