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Call Her Nastee - Test 2

Call Her Nastee -Test 2
©2007 Saundra E. Harris
Saphari Books, Inc.

Nastee ascribed to the "you can show me, better than you can tell me" tenet, so when the ladies at work were praising their love of the "bullet" she had to find out for herself. After doing her research, she found what she wanted and started a new test.

Nastee sat on the commuter train for the hour long ride to work. Her face was turned towards the window, hands clamped tightly to her side. She had began a new test this morning. She had inserted two electronic wireless plugs into her body, one into her puzzy and the other in her azz. They were designed to vibrate for five minutes and could be set, and recharged overnight and had a time usage of up to four hours, before having to be recharged. They cost her a small fortune, but no price was too much when it came to her sexual appetite. Nastee was vorarcious. Anything that seemed like a challenge to her, the more appealing it was. She always had to test …

Soul Mates or Just Digging 'Em - Part II

I dug into my blog archives and ran across something that I wrote in October next few blogs are going to be from my archives...this is going to be enlightening for me and I hope for the reader as well...

How do you know when you've found your soulmate? Is there an earth shattering moment within your soul that speaks to another? Is there a moment where you just know, what you know, what you know? Does your heart palipate and your palms grow sweaty? Do you suffer from a loss of appetite? Are the last two signs of love or signs of having found that one person who is the other half to your soul. I ask these questions, because I want to know. How will I know when I've met my soulmate. Or have I met him already...and sadly lost him? How do you know? How will I know?

What does a soulmate mean to you?
My definition of a soulmate is a person who not necessarily completes you, but he/she will make you at peace with yourself. Meaning your automatically comfortable around this per…

Women Need To Be Phucked!

"You know what Sassy, I haven't sucked dyck in a year and it doesn't seem to phase my man at all. He goes down on me and I still don't reciprocate...but I am trying so hard not to go outside of my relationship to get the loving I need that I am at my wits end. I have created the atmosphere, I have created the ambiance, I dress up in provocative clothing, I am sexy and sultry and very seductive. He comes home and surprise I am dressed and waiting for him...and yet and still I can't get the loving I want, need, crave, and desire. I need to be phucked and until my man gives me the loving I need, he won't get the type of loving he wants! But I don't think its working, he isn't even asking me for it and although I don't think, feel, or believe that someone else is giving it to him, he isn't asking me many times do I have to tell him what I want, how many ways do I have to show him what I need---I need help!" ...anonymous in Maryland 11…

Wooo Sassy Moment

I am going to try and write this blog without coming off or sounding like a tired bitter woman...but dammit I may not be able to be quite as objective as I would like...I have said it too many times that the relations between men and women has deteriorated. Everyday the situation seems to get worse. The thought processess and the way in which people think (nee men) amazes me...or is it that I think in such a common sense fashion that the way in which others think isn't with common sense??? I don't...the confusion of fending off inapproriate phrases, gestures, comments is getting to the point of making me nasty...and trust me I don't want to be nasty for no reason...I work daily on affirmations of my blessings and my satisfaction with my life...

What makes you think you can do one of the following from just a mere hello:
NO you can't phuck me
NO you can't eat me
NO you can't lick my azz
NO you can't phuck me in the azz
NO I ain't going down on you
NO I ain'…