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Call Her Nastee - Test 2

Call Her Nastee -Test 2
©2007 Saundra E. Harris
Saphari Books, Inc.

Nastee ascribed to the "you can show me, better than you can tell me" tenet, so when the ladies at work were praising their love of the "bullet" she had to find out for herself. After doing her research, she found what she wanted and started a new test.

Nastee sat on the commuter train for the hour long ride to work. Her face was turned towards the window, hands clamped tightly to her side. She had began a new test this morning. She had inserted two electronic wireless plugs into her body, one into her puzzy and the other in her azz. They were designed to vibrate for five minutes and could be set, and recharged overnight and had a time usage of up to four hours, before having to be recharged. They cost her a small fortune, but no price was too much when it came to her sexual appetite. Nastee was vorarcious. Anything that seemed like a challenge to her, the more appealing it was. She always had to test her strength against her mind and test the "metal" of what her body could and could not endure. She believed that orgasms were controlled by the mind, and if she placed mind over matter her orgams were more explosive than the last. Each one lasting longer, coming harder and more forceful each time. It was like setting off a time bomb in her body...whooosh, and the floodgates opened her up to a new level of excitement...and pain. A pleasurable pain that she reveled in. Her goal today was to keep them in and maintain as best she could her ecstacy until she reached her office. It would not be an easy feat, as the pussy plug was a jumbo bullet, and in her plump ass was a specially designed plug with three nodules, "the triple delight". Her body quivered with each bump and twist of the train, the plugs lodging themselves deeper into her body.

Just as the train came to a stop, the buzzing began. Oh shyt. She turned her head from left to right, the buzzing sound loud to her own ears, but no one noticed the sweat on her upper lip or on her brow. The plugs moved inside her, clockwise, and up and down. She gripped the seat tighter. She threw her head back, her eyes closing as she shook with the beginnings of a climax. "Miss, are you okay?", the train attendant asked. She jumped. It brought her back to reality and also reminded her of her goal. I can't make the Master mad, I have to win this. "Yes, I'm f-f-f-fine," she stammered. Her heart was racing, but somehow she managed to stand, and slowly walked to the doors of the train. She put one foot down, on the step, then the other, the vibrating plugs still working their magic on her holes. This is going to be harder than I thought. Thank goodness she had put on an extra firm girdle to hold them in place. She looked at her clock, she had three minutes left before the virbrations ceased.

Gingerly, she stepped aside and leaned against the nearest building. People on the street eyed her, but said nothing, afterall, she is in the Mid-Atlantic region and the folks aren't real friendly. Today, she was thankful for it, because she couldn't string a sentence together right now. Her body was on fire. She could feel her juices begin to trickle from her puzzy, mind over matter she repeated in her head. Nastee willed her mind to thoughts about the weather, her schedule at work, anything to releave the desperate desire to climax on the street. How am I going to make it another couple minutes? She had to maintain and hold on to her release until she made it to her office.

Giving herself some words of encouragement, she straigthened to walk the few blocks to her office. Swinging open the doors and slowly walking over to the elevator, she glanced at her watch. Barring anyone else getting on the elevator, she had a few minutes to get up to the 24th floor of her office, shed her coat, and make it to the bathroom prior to beginning her work day. But luck wasn't on her side. The elevator stopped at every floor. The people moved slowly in and out. A peek at her watch told her that in five minutes she would be in trouble. The interior car was crowded. She was pushed up to the back of the wall. Sweat breaking out on her brow. Nastee bit down on her upper lip preparing herself for the buzz. She eyed the floors, silently counting as the lights illuminated 20, 21, 22, 23...she was almost there. 24! Finally!

Pushing her way to the front and moving into the corrider she rounded the corner to step into the ladies room. As her hand pushed the door in, the vibrations in her body began. She sat down on the setee inside the door and rode the bullets in her body not caring whom could've seen her. The thought actually intensifying the moment. Moving her hips in a circular motion, grinding into the cushions her body filled with an intense esctasy. Her inner walls griped the bullet, her ass clamped down, she could feel her puzzy lips swelling as the orgasm hit. Nastee's head was thrown back her body reverbrated with each wave of her climax, convulsing in and out, pulsing around the toys inside of her. Slowly her body relaxed. She opened her eyes and stood on legs of cotton, to move into a stall. With great care, she removed the plugs, cleansing them with specialized cleaner before placing them in a towel and putting them in her purse.

Opening the stall door, she stepped to the sink to wash her hands. She smiled a naughty smile to herself in the mirror and silently, spoke to THE MASTER, "I told you I could do, what's the next test?"


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