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The “Jiggly Bits” – Love Plus Size Style

Just Wright the new romantic comedy starring the divinely voluptuous Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah and rapper turned actor Common are explosive on the scene and have amazing chemistry. What turns into a chance meeting at a gas station leads to love but not with the one with the jiggly-bits, rather the stunningly beautiful best friend, played by Paula Patton (wife of R & B crooner Robin Thicke).

This movie hits home to what some voluptuous women have had to deal with most of their lives…the skinny one got the guy. Or as they said in the movie “the girl who was supposed to get the guy did.

The landscape of single, plus size African American women is just as large (no pun intended) if not more-so than the landscape of single, professional, black women. Society however states that in order for a woman to be beautiful and a great catch, she has to have a size 2 body. She has to be somewhat shallow and superficial and it matters not, so long as she is an arm charm. …