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Do Women Want To Be Lied To?

I was talking to a friend the other day and we were talking about men, women, and relationships. The man stated that women would rather be lied to than hear the truth.

This was based on the premise that if your in a relationship and a man sees another woman that he may be interested in sexually, and if he has the opportunity to have sex with this person, he said that women don't want to hear the truth. They'd rather hear that he is having drinks with the boys, as opposed to hearing that he is about to have sex with another woman. He also said that this can be for women also, that so long as you tell the truth then every thing is cool. He said women as much as they say they can, cannot handle the truth and feel that ignorance is bliss and lies are utopia.

I didn't agree...besides the fact that this act is so totally selfish on both parts, whats the point of a relationship at all. Why not continue to date, and leave it at that...eventually, one or the other is not going to lik…

Is This the Norm?

When did it become okay to discuss current relationships with people? I mean is this the norm? Or did I miss something?

I ask, because here lately I have noticed that many of my friends think it is okay to discuss issues that they are having with the opposite sex with me...its not the point of my getting upset. I don't get upset because we are just friends and we are both still dating. My point is this, I know you're dating, but I don't need NOR WANT to hear about your issues, escapades, dalliances, conversations that you are having with "other" said individual(s).

I really try to avoid this type of conversation at all costs, because I do not discuss my issues with the men I date with other men that I date, and I'm wondering...why are they doing this? Now, I will admit, that I've discussed issues with men I've dated in the past, bad blind dates, or disastrous dates, but not with anyone I am currently seeing...I usually save those conversations for stric…

I Am Going There...Online Dating

I have been trying to avoid this topic for the longest time...but I have to go there...I need to talk about the large number of women who put themselves out there for the world to see...azz, tits, and in the extreme cases "coochies" are all over the internet for the world to see.

I am so sick and tired of women that post half naked pictures online, with their tits and azz up in the air, they have screen names like "MsHottAzz" or "CumLickMe" and in the next breath talk about how they want a man to respect much they love the Lord, and that a man has to be a Christian and walking the right path to be with them. When they have shown just from their profile that #1 God knows your heart, whether your hooching it out or not...he knows it, so why try to hide the freak within and mask the outside self with "christian like" traits?

It boggles my in the hell can you say you're looking for a man to love and respect you when you don&#…

How Soon Is Too Soon

I sit and think about the dating world and all that it entails...but there are still so many questions that I would like some answers to...(no Sassy does not have all the answers, LOL, just most of them)...

For instance, say you meet a person and you like them, they like you, and the conversation, is great, as some would say you "click" "vibe" "mesh" "gel" question is how soon is too soon to comtemplate the idea of intimacy? Is it three months, six months...two weeks, is there a set time limit for this situation? My answer to that would be as two consenting adults, the time is right when you both choose...the problem with most of my gender is that WE are concerned with looking loose, or easy. Will he call back? Will he want to continue seeing you again...or will you become just a booty call? Something to do...a meantime and in between time woman?

Most people, (self included) are dating more than one person (and if they aren't dating, …