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Relationship Deal Breakers

We all know folks out here tolerating alot of unnecessary bullshyt from their significant other...I sit back and look at them, saying to myself "Girl, you are good, because I wouldn't put up with that bullshyt," but you know what, someone will. Or is it more like someone has to? How many times have we heard that what one woman/man won't do another will? Too many times to count, right. But does that saying make situations right? I mean when someone does something that you don't like...betrays a trust, a confidence, cheats, steals, or lies etc...what makes some people forgive---over and over and over and many times does a person get a second chance?

Don't get me wrong, I feel that sometimes people make honest mistakes...but to continue to repeat the same mistake is not a mistake...its a problem, that obviously the person cannot fix on their own. When I think of deal breakers, I think like this...

Cheating and the person gets pregnant
Cheating an…

Do You Still Believe in Love?

Are you noticing that more and more people are not marrying for love, rather more for convenience. As we grow older and some of us lower our standards and expectations, do you find that they are marrying to stem off living their senior years alone? Is it just me? I am beginning to think that with some of the things that people do "in the name of love" makes me really wonder sometimes..."whats love got to do with it"?

Really, you are finding people committing murder/suicide scenarios or just plaine ole murders...all in the name of love.

You find women married to and/or living with/dating notorious lotharios and yet and still they don't leave, because "I love him, and we can work this out?" Or he buys them a gift, sends them flowers, takes them on a trip, he does something monetarily to make her forget that he was just swimming in another sea.

I talked to a male friend about this and he stated "you call it falling in love and quite frankly, I don'…

The Isle of Desperate & Lonely Women

As women get older and are not in a committed monogomous relationship are they getting more and more desperate when it comes to men?

Are women willing to put up with undesirable behavior and negative character traits, and unfulfilling love, just to say they have a man?

Have women sold their souls, just to say they have a man?

Are women abiding by an unspoken and unwritten dating law, that says they have to sleep with a man by the third date in order to maintain his interest?

How important is a call back, after the first date?

Are women still thinking about how they will be perceived or what a man thinks of her if she is too easy and accessable?

These are the questions that run through my mind and I am interested to hear your thoughts...let's talk about it...


Oral Sex Nazi's - Revisted

An Oral Sex Nazi is a person who wants to have this service done to them, yet they do not do it for others. Can you all believe that folks are still not performing oral sex on one another?

Everyday I hear comments from women about their man not performing oral sex on them and it still amazes me that men are handing out IOU’s. No, I’m wrong. What’s even more amazing…is that women are allowing this to happen. Conversely, there are men that have come forward about women not performing this service well and that they feel some women view it as a chore. Honestly, if this is viewed as a chore either by the man or the woman, then they aren’t feeling you like that and you need to keep it moving…but that’s just my opinion.

I am wondering where did this pervasive attitude come from, that it is it okay for a woman to drop to her knees and bless him with a super hot mouth, but its okay if he doesn’t? Is it because women aren’t asking for and/or demanding that this be done to them? Is it because wom…

Flirtatious Behavior

I was trolling through the internet and ran across a blog posted by a female and she was talking about flirtatious behavior and how upsetting it was to her.

I am a consummate flirt. I flirt with my eyes, my lips, my hands, my hair, hell, my entire body is used as a flirtation device- LOL...but this woman was extremely bitter. Before I go any futher we all now it stemmed from her man and his relationship with other women. She does't like the fact that he has the female friends and on top of that believes that the female friends are flirting with her man. As I read the blog, I didn't see bitterness as much as her insecurities stood out.

Personally, I don't see any true and/or malicious harm in flirting, if its harmless and we all know there is a difference between harmless flirting and straight up putting it out there that that person could "catch it on a daily". Think about the men and women you work with, that you flirt with, that you may make off color comments to…

Men and Romance- Some Just Don't Get It!

A friend and I were talking recently and as usual the topic was about men and women. We were talking about my last blog (Are Women Whores for Money?" posted 6-12-2007). He said the simple answer is YES...women expect men to pay for the services rendered. A heated debate started and it moved into another topic on why is that men sometimes just don't seem to get it. Why are they (men) afraid to romance a woman?

I stated that men aren't romantic and don't put forth an effort like they used to. I think that is true because I don't think women demand certain things. I think that women are so hell bent on trying to ensure that their man isn't sleeping around that they tend to overlook the small things. I love flowers, and candy and love men just being gentlemen! I (and this is just Sassy), but I expect for a man to open my door, help me with my coat, pull out my chair, go outside on those cold mornings and start my car, scrape the ice off of the windows, make sure th…

Are Women Whores for Money?

I have been thinking about this topic for a minute and I plan to discuss it at length soon, but for right now, I just have one question, or rather an observation.

Is it me or are women whores for money? Are women whores for a certain lifestyle to the point that they sell their souls to live the good life? They don't care if their man is phucking half of the nation so long as he brings the bacon home to them. They don't care if he looks like the broad side of a bus or the bottom of a shoe, so long as his dollars are long and his pockets are deep. I've heard women say, {self included} that so long as he was making money that he could do any damn thing he wanted...but that is a hypothetical situation. In real life, having dated men with money, I realized one thing - they are the most arrogant assholes around! So I had to say to myself what was more important, that man, that man and his money, that man his money and his lifestyle I was enthralled by, or my self respect. Guess w…

SoulFul Readers Book Club

Saturday, I was invited to lunch with the members of the Soulful Readers Book Club. "THE PARTY", my debut novel was selected as their book of the month for May.

I met Donna, Kelly, Kristin, and Kia, and had a blast. The ladies were very intuitive when it came to the characters of the novel, and Kristin even identified with one of the main characters. She stated that "Kendra" was her, in that she is the peace keeper of her circle of friends.

Donna loved the aspect of the five women in the novel remaining friends through all of their trials and tribulations, and was amazed that these women told one another everything! She said that some women only tell about 40% of what goes on in their lives, yet these women shared 100%.

I advised her that they didn't quite share 100% more like 80% because I based the characters on how I interact with my girls, my road dogs, my crew...whatever you choose to call them. My family are my true friends...I know that I can count on these…