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2005-A Year in Review

WOW! The past year of 2005 has been a year filled with heart break, heart ache, and the re-discovering of ME.

I had a bad break up at the end of 2004, and up until May of 2005, I still carried around the feelings of rejection and loss of my break up.

But as the year went on, I realized that what happened in my life was needed. It was completely necessary because in that relationship I wasn't SassyScribe. I was pretending to be the woman that I thought the man wanted. I wasn't myself and that is the biggest loss of my life that I've ever felt. The problem was in my relationship before that one, I wasn't myself, and then I vowed not to do that again, and I did it...all to please men that didn't necessarily want me to please them.

However, I digress, I've learned alot about myself, and I know I've stated that alot throughout my postings, but its true. Everyday, I learn something new and different about my life, my thoughts, my sexuality, my loving, my sense of wh…