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42.4% and Marrigae

On Friday, March 17, 2006, I facilitated a group of 40 men and women for a Grown and Sexy talk in Woodbridge, VA.

The talk revolved around the phenomenon of 42.4% of African American women over the age of 30 will never marry. That is due in large part to the number of African American women that are achieving higher success in obtaining under graduate and graduate degrees. They are rising to the top in their chosen field and/or profession, and often times surpassing the African American male in both of these categories.

However, the fact remains that 42.4% of US {yes, I too am part of this statistic} will never marry. I think one of the main reasons for this, is that many African American women are afraid to submit. When you have the majority of African American women leading households and have been doing so successfully, it is hard to release those reigns and allow another person complete control of YOUR life.

Lets face it, if she has been struggling as a single mother for years, if sh…

One Hot Dream

Ladies…You ever have one of those fantasies that grips you. It’s so erotic and hot that you feel it is real. You can feel the heat emanating from his body, you can feel his hands upon your skin, and his breath reaches deep into your soul and draws out that hot wanton witch that you want to be.

Last night I had a dream like that. One that had me so hot my sheets were drenched from the sweat pouring from my hot and feverish body. I was literally on fire from the deeply hidden thoughts and dreams I had.

In my dreams I can be as wicked as I wanted to be. I can do whomever it is I choose to and there are no repercussions but my own conscience and feelings of “being naughty”.
I have always teetered on and bordered on the freaky/kinky side especially in my dreams. In my dreams I am down for whatever. The sky is the limit and nothing is "out of the question".

This dream in particular HAS been ONGOING for most of my life. It is one where I am restrained completely and utterly helpless an…