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Fear and Love...

It has been a while since I last posted to my blog(s)…the reason for that is that I am way too busy. Not only am I writing my books, I am an internet radio talk show host (, as well as an internet web-show host ( Yet, more importantly, I have been doing a lot of self reflection. Reflecting on my issues with fear and love. What I realized is that I have been “in like” plenty of times in my life, but the last time I was in love, was over 15 years ago.

Amazing, that it has been so long, but I had to stop and wonder why? As SassyScribe, I am always stating that women need to sit back and take stock of situations. They should learn something valuable from every relationship that they have been involved in. That is what I have done…and it was a sad revelation for me.

See, the man that I was in love with, was a good person, but not the right man. The man I fell in love with was funny as hell, a loving son, and very smart…smarter …