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TruLifeDating.Com Grown & Sexy Chat Session

Tonight I conducted my first online chat session. We asked three questions of the men and three questions of the ladies...

For Men:
1. Does she please you? 2. Is she climatic? 3. Why foreplay is important?

For Women:
1. Does size matter? 2. Why kissing is important? 3. The importance of t o u c h.

For those wishing to join, the moderator StanleyMute will give approval upon completion of your profile. The website is

Hope to see you there...


East Coast Chatters Pieces Party

The Girls @ Zanzibar Pieces Party

Sassy @ Zanizbar's Pieces Party

Congratulations on Winning Romantic Times BookClub Reviewers Choice Award

I wanted to share some great news!

I won the 2005 Romantic Times BookClub Magazine AWARD forBEST AFRICAN AMERICAN NOVEL for THE PARTY!

The winners will be announced in the July issue of Romantic Times BookClub Magazine!

The ceremony takes place in Daytona Beach, on May 19th! I am truly blessed!

Thanks to everyone that has supported me thus far!


I'm Single & That's Alright

This poem was posted by a friend in another group. It was posted to inspire women, to instill in them that HE will send him to you when HE deems you are ready. Do not despair of being single, for as long as you have HIM in your life you are never alone.

Unfortunately, some of the members in the group saw this poem as a warrior cry for women. They did not read nor hear the beauty in this piece. Instead of sparking positive accolades, it spurned a week long debate on what it takes to be A GOOD WOMAN. The debate in the group still rages on, as the genders try to make one another understand what it is they want, need, and desire in a mate!

What makes a good PERSON, man or woman, is not their outer beauty, but the content of their character! The question is can WE recognize the good person when they enter our lives for that season?

I'm Single and That's Alright unknown

I'm single and that's all right with me
See, it's not that I oppose relationships
It's that I …