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Literary Conferences...

As many people know I am an author, self published and an award winning author. But there have been several things going on in the literary world that have been bothering me and I need to get them off of my chest.

One of the main things that I take issue with are all of these so-called literary conferences that pop up all over the nation and are put on my loddy, dottie and everybody! I don't want to knock anyone's hustle, I just have to question the motives and/or sincerity behind their "business".

With all of the mail that floods my inbox regarding various conferences across the US, has anyone stopped to ask the advisors and/or conference sponsors how many attendees they expect and/or have had in the past? What are the average sales secured from participants?

I ask this question because several factors come into play for myself regarding any/all conferences or expense- i.e. air/ground transportation, hotel, meals, shipping costo to ship display, product…