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Sassy’s Tenet’s To Life....(excerpt from Sassy’s as yet untitled book coming February 2009)

Always Say What You Mean
Always be open and honest about your wants, needs, and desires. This is not solely regarding your personal life, but this comes into play with all aspects of your life. Only you know that which you want. Only you know what you can and cannot tolerate in people. This transcends male to female relationships and tunnels its way through and into all of your relationships. It can show that you are not only a strong individual, and not strong in the negative sense as society has come to view "strong" women. I am talking about Strong in the positive sense that it shows that you are an individual that stands by their word. In today's world of dating being honest about YOU as only YOU can tell it will show a person that at times, one can be convicted by their principles, loyalty and love of themselves.

I am a firm believer in women being clear when they speak to men. The need for clarification is vital in today's dating world. They have to say…
Read the story below...and then tell yourselves, oral sex is harmless...I keep telling folks everything isn't meant to go in your mouth...and here is the other point...if you won't allow a man to penetrate you vaginally/anally raw, why allow a raw penis in your mouth? I mean if you won't Phuck it raw, why Suck it raw...JMO...
Doctors Say There Is a Link Between Oral Sex and Throat Cancer
Oct. 15, 2008 —

Teresa Dillon was surprised to learn four years ago that what she deemed as an average sore throat actually was stage 2 cancer on her tonsil.

"People think the face of oral cancer is a 70-year-old man who's been chewing tobacco and drinking whiskey all his life," she said. "But the face of oral cancer now is  it's me, a young woman, healthy, nonsmoking, fit."

But what really shocked the waitress and then 38-year-old was that the human papillomavirus may have caused her illness, a illness that is ofte…

What Women Need To Know...Guest Blogger - GRUMPY from FAF

This posting stemmed from a discussion about a man who spent a beautiful weekend with his wife and just the way in which he described the weekend prompted the women on the board to state how lucky his wife is to have a loving, caring, and attentive brother such as was so on point, that I asked him if I could post it on my blogs...and his response was "if it helps one woman to make the right decision, then hell yeah, post on!"

Here is his response for women...please take heed...
I would say to the women who claim they want that:

Meaning, what kind of man are you dealing with? Under what circumstances are you with him? If it's because he's all you think you can get or because he's the baby daddy or because he's brainwashed you into thinking that 'ain't nobody else gonna want you' or anything like that, then you won't get that.

Women are like a dealer in a card …