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Zoo - Sick ASS Movie

I have heard of some real sick shyt, but there is a new movie documentary out called ZOO. It is about a group of men that have sex with animals. Oh WOW! Surprisingly, (but not really a surprise, I mean it is a horse) one of them dies from a ruptured asshole from being phucked by a horse dyck!

Here is the review from TV Guide Scoop

After two stylish fiction films (THE WOMAN CHASER, POLICE BEAT), Seattle-based filmmaker Robinson Devor makes his astonishing documentary debut with this bold and unforgettable meditation on a truly bizarre incident that pokes at the very heart of one of our culture's biggest taboos: the 2005 death of a Seattle man several hours after being quite willingly sodomized by a horse.

On July 2, 2005, a divorced, 45-year-old Boeing executive who'd been spending the weekend at a friend's farm in Enumclaw, Washington, was anonymously dropped off at the area community hospital. …

Woman Thou Art Loose

Don Imus' comment about "Nappy Headed Ho" has sparked several debates throughout the country. Yes, RACISM is alive and well in America, we all know that and we all will discuss this issue for a moment and then quietly it will go away. As it usually does, because everyone is trying to remain Politically Correct with words, terms, and tense...etc. Because of Imus we now want to delve into the Hip Hop Industry and how they continuously degrade women...which is true, I don't want to sit here and state that what it is they say about women is right, because we all know its wrong. We have had the ladies of Spelman College talk about this, and nothing happened. We have had several black congresswomen and state senators discuss this issue- with nothing being done. NOW all of a sudden Hip Hop is bad and projects negative images of women. Yes, its been going on for years and now folks want to talk about it. The negative portrayal of women in music and hell, Hollywood period is …

It Was Consensual - She Called It Rape - Part II

The rape charges against the Duke lacrosse team have been dropped. This topic feeds off of a previous topic I posted March 1, 2007 "It Was Consenual ---She Called It Rape". It was about a friend of mine who was investigated/interrogated because of a consenual sexual act that was later called rape. The charges were dropped, but he will forever have to have that over his head.

Let me say that as a woman, one of the worst things that can happen to you is to be violated...sexually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. BUT...I think too often women put themselves in situations where they do not have control and therefore you have alcohol mixed with raging over zealous hormones...not an excuse for what happened, but you must be more aware of your surroundings and the situations you place yourself in. To answer your question, no I don't put myself in situations that I know would be unsafe.

I would feel remiss in not commenting on the charges that were recently dropped against D…

Addicted To Bling?

After much thought about the comments that Don Imus uttered, I would be totally remiss in not discussing the part that WE (society, but in particular blacks)play in this. Is the black community so blinded that they can't see what is going on? When did Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton (two men that I don't personally trust) become the voice of the Black Community?

They are protesting that a man be removed from his job, yet when it comes to the "flossing" and "blinging" of the rap industry and their attitudes toward women and the use of the "N" word they are silent...why? Women parading around in next to nothing, parroting sexual acts on the idiot box while men "throw" money at them like dogs is what...okay to them?

Our community plays a vital part in how we are seen and/or portrayed, because the entire world thinks we are a bunch of savage men and loose women. Let's face it, the music industry calls my gender everything but the child of G…

"Nappy Headed Ho's"... Don Imus on Imus In The Morning on MSNBC Radio

Don Imus must go...the comments that he made on his radio show, were not only offensive to me as a black woman, his words hit me on so many levels. As a dark skinned sista, the words jiggaboo, pickaninny, and darkie set me off! And then you couple that with words like "nappy headed ho's" and its on!

But doesn't the issue for us as a community go deeper, than Don Imus. Doesn't the accountability begin and end how WE feed into the stereotypes? Lets think about that for a moment and don't for a moment think I don't feel that Don Imus should be removed, but you and I both know that he wont. If anything this only proves that the African/Black/Colored/Negro Community is constantly under the microscope of the world! Its crazy, but with this statement it is so true...especially when it comes to someone voicing a sentiment that I believe they have always felt in their heart, but was too policitically polite to state it. We have seen Michael Richards trying to back …