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Woman Thou Art Loose

Don Imus' comment about "Nappy Headed Ho" has sparked several debates throughout the country. Yes, RACISM is alive and well in America, we all know that and we all will discuss this issue for a moment and then quietly it will go away. As it usually does, because everyone is trying to remain Politically Correct with words, terms, and tense...etc. Because of Imus we now want to delve into the Hip Hop Industry and how they continuously degrade women...which is true, I don't want to sit here and state that what it is they say about women is right, because we all know its wrong. We have had the ladies of Spelman College talk about this, and nothing happened. We have had several black congresswomen and state senators discuss this issue- with nothing being done. NOW all of a sudden Hip Hop is bad and projects negative images of women. Yes, its been going on for years and now folks want to talk about it. The negative portrayal of women in music and hell, Hollywood period is an issue...But you know what...the fault ultimately lies with the woman.

I mean we [women] can't say that Hip Hop degrades women if women wouldn't get on the pole, drop it like its hot, popping their coochies, shaking their laffy taffy's, while sucking on a lollilop showing the men how they can do it, do it, do it - WELL! And then turn around and get mad because you were disrespected. Question - Did the lyrics do that or did you do that...if there were no women acting out the degradation, then their would be no cause for alarm, right? Wrong, then the argument is "I need to earn a living also", so the only way you can earn that living is by showing your ass?

I have seen how women will act the damn fool the minute you put a video camera in their face. I have seen them vy for the attentions, however small, of the ugliest men, perpertrating frauds like they big willies all because they have a camera. We have seen the Girls Gone Wild Videos...they are on par if not more over the top than Hip Hop videos. Doesn't matter what race you are, WOMEN all WOMEN have to held accountable and responsible for their actions. Don't get mad at the man for calling you a ho, when you have the demeanor and uniform of said ho. Don't get your panties in a knot for being treated like a jump off, because that is how you presented yourself---as a jump off- and not jump off number one, but one of many. Your not even designated as a FWB...which isn't any better, but might get you a little closer to something. What that something is, I have no idea.

I am online daily and as I scroll through the internet you know what I see...I see grown, excuse me "supposedly" grown, so-called christian women showing their ass, tits, and coochies to random individuals online. Then they have the nerve to want someone to respect them, when in my opinion (and please remember, that these are MY opinions) when you don't respect yourself. Men call tell you all the bullshit lies they want to, but the bottom line is no one wants to claim a freak as their girl. I didn't say, that no one wouldn't phuck a freak, I said, that no one would claim a freak...that means you don't get to go to the company picnic, the church social, or to Momma's house, you may however, get to meet his boy(s) because ya know he needs to show off how phat his freak is. I am all for people being themselves, but when you talk out of both sides of your neck, then I have an issue.

I know I am going to get some private comments on this...YES- I talk alot of smack online and in person, YES, I talk about sex, and freakiness, YES, I believe that being uninhibited is a choice...but I feel there is a time and place for everthing.

There is nothing at all wrong with being a freak, so long as you represent like a lady in public, and when the doors close its on...but ladies, do you really need to show your ass? Your tits? Your coochie? If so, why? Why is there a need for you to show yourself to the world...and trust some of the photos are not a good I ask, WHY? How has showing your body online benefitted you? What was your ultimate goal in showing your body online? What if your co-worker saw you online and reported you to your employer/boss and you lost your job and/or a would that affect your exhibitionism?

These are questions I have, because I want to know why IMO you are not respecting yourself?



Anonymous said…
sassy you hit the nail on the head. how many times do we need to see another confessions of a video vixen book or another sordid tale from a woman saying she is doing this to feed her family. people will only treat you as you allow them to. Now we may all want a freak but that is behind closed doors of consenting monogamous couple. We must remember bet after hours, mtv, reality shows are the only contact for some people have with the african american community and view of black women. now i know some may argue why not the backlash of madonna and brittany spears. first why would we want to copycat anyone for we know we are held to a double standard no matter what. second these images are promoted by our own race. that is black on black at its worst. we must demand more of ourselves and our artists by way of the pocketbook and with continued protest demanding balanced representation of black women and the black community in general. i find it hard to understand that russell simmons of def jam, def poetry, def comedy jam phat farm etc would allow the degredation of our community when he has children himself. sooner or later the book stops at his door as well. so we collectively must not just look at the media but ourselves as well

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