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MANagement Rings

The placement of the engagement ring has been a long held tradition of showing your status as no longer being available and it’s what some women secretly wish for when dating.
However, there is a new trend.  The 2012 tend---the Man Engagement Ring or the MANGAGEMENT RING.
Now some women feel that if he has to be managed, why would they want him? But, it’s not the fact that he is being managed, it is just showing that he is no longer on the market. That he is affianced. That he is betrothed. That he is taken!
It’s a symbolic gesture like the diamond engagement ring for the women. It can be represented in a plain silver, titanium, or stainless steel band. Some women are even springing for Plain Platinum or gold, with an upgrade of adding diamonds for the ‘big day’.

Yet when asked, more women had an issue with such a concept rather than men. Most men had no problem wearing a ‘management’ ring. They felt that it leveled the playing field somewhat. That if he asks for her hand in marriag…