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Black Women Have Attitude - Rethinking The Position

The issues facing men and women are not as serious as ‘experts’ would like you to believe. But one thing that the ‘experts’ appear to be right about is the negative attitudes that some black women seem to have?

Maybe some of them have an attitude because they are buying into this notion of their not being any available and/or eligible men. Maybe their attitude stems from the belief that all of the good men are married and the rest are homosexual or incarcerated? Maybe some have an attitude as they see more and more black men dating/marrying outside of their race? Or maybe, just maybe some have an attitude because they take themselves far too seriously!

What I have noticed, especially when going to various events, be it a night club setting, private dinner party, or open air cultural events, is that some Black Women really do take themselves seriously. Too seriously!

I am the last one to buy into stereotypes or so-called statistical information, but recently I’ve come to the realization t…