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My Thoughts On Growing Old

Let's face it, as women age, and looks start to fade, we tend to recognize the signs of aging. The loss of youth that ties to our desirability of men and to the envy of other women. 

Remember when we were 16, and we couldn't wait to be 18. Then once we turned 18, it was a wish to be 21 (legal drinking/partying age), and then at 21, we wanted to be 25, what we considered to be ADULT-hood, and then the light shined on 30. For some, the thought of turning 30 literally gave you hives and cold sweats, because at 30 society said you were supposed to have achieved certain goals or at least be on the path to acquiring them. Like marriage and children and owning your own home. Then 35 loomed about, and you began to really access your life and all that you have/have not achieved professionally and personally, or more to the point you lamented on what you still had yet to do. By then, 40 is pressing firmly on your door and that is when the 'whoa is me's' set in. You really loo…