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Power In Relationships – Whose in Charge?

When it comes to power in relationships…whose in charge? Is there one person with more control and/or say than the other? Is it the person with the most money? Is the most educated in the relationship? Or does it come down to traditional roles of the Man is the head of the household and the woman is his second in command?
What are these rules to relationships that I am beginning to see where the word ‘submit’ becomes like an F bomb.  I have seen so called strong women, or women who I know to be decisive, articulate, determined, forward in thought, word, and deed, become tongued-tied and meek, when it comes to decisions within their relationship.
It makes me say “I will be single forever.” Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for working with your mate and compromising, but here lately, I have seen married women who cannot make their own doctors appointments. I know married women who cannot make a family decision about a vacation. To that, I know women who have made family decisions…