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Why I Intensely Dislike Insecure Women...My Friday Morning VENT!

This morning on the way to work I performed my usual routine of stopping at Starbucks for my morning joe and when I got back into my car, my phone was ringing. Of course I’m a woman with a huge purse so you all know that the phone is in the bottom of the bag and not in the cell phone slot inside. So as I rummage inside for the phone and finally get it, my hand mistakenly hit the answer button…so I say hello and a woman’s voice say’s “hello” so I say hello again and she says who is this…immediately I get offended. Did you or did you not call me???? So I hung up and when I did, I noticed the number was restricted…so I immediately think back to the last few weeks and the number of networking and social events I have attended and dissiminated my card. I have also had some conversations with individuals regarding business…yes the said individuals were and are men…so my immediate thought is “what insecure wife/girlfriend found my card, possibly viewed a bill, and/or simply went through her …

Dating After 40...

Who knew that the dating game would change so drastically over the last twenty years? So many factors play into what changed the game and I feel that the number factor was the internet?

The internet made it easier for shy, introverted, sometimes unattractive, uninspiring, lazy, physically disabled and in some instances obese individuals the opportunity to meet a potential love match online. I know what I said is not politically correct, but it’s the ugly truth. On the other hand, it also made it easier for that busy executive and/or a workaholic, single parents, and newly single individuals to find a love match as well.

Let’s face facts it’s a helluva lot easier to point, click, accept or reject via the anonymity of the internet as opposed to attending a singles event such as speed dating or a singles meet and greet.

Sidebar: 35,000 people meet and marry online every year…which I am sure will give some folks hope.

Ideally no one thought and/or believed they would be single again and/or s…

What Turns You On?

What turns a man on the most? Is it the sight of a naked woman? A nearly naked woman? Or a woman fully sheathed in a berka?

Ladies, we all know that it doesn't take alot to turn a man on...regardless of your weight, and/or dimensions, your man sees something in you to begin with. So lets dispense with the shyness, the meekness, the hot & cold reactions we throw out to men and do something, anything different to turn him on! Hell, you may find out that you will get turned on in the process.

Here is a sample of what I think will turn people on...

1. Sexually Explicit Conversation - hearing what a man/woman is going to do to you is the beginning of foreplay.

2. Using the 5 Senses - creating and setting a mood, that stimulates your five core senses...fragrant body oils, scented rose petals, erotic massages, scented baths, sexy lingerie & sensual foods.

3. Fantasy Fulfillment - there is nothing like telling your mate your fantasy, the bonus is that they are willing to help you in fu…