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Are You Listening To What HE is Saying?

Ladies are you listening to what your man/friend is telling you?

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me had I ever met someone that scared me...I laughed because I knew he was referring to this woman that he had met. They of course met online, and have been having conversation everyday since. He told me that she asked him what was he looking for and he said relationship, no committment, nothing! I watched her throughout the day, and her eyes followed him, she was very intimate with him, you know touching him, giving him a napkin, wiping his lip...touchy feely all day. I could see her actions embarrassed him, but he, being the nice man that he is, didn't check her in the crowd. As the day went on, I told him, he was going to have to tell her again that he is not looking for a relationship, and once you tell her that, you tell her again, because her feelings are already involved with him.

This woman reminds me the herione in my novel THE PARTY, Shaeyla Andrews got caught up i…

Career Woman Woes

Yesterday, the Bad Boy of Radio (Michael Baisden) centered his talk show on Career Women. The premise was based on the fact that career women are more concerned with their careers than they are with their loved ones.

I touched on this topic in the past, and I agree and disagree with some of the points he and the callers made.

Yet again, this showed me that WE as black women couldn’t seem to win. We can’t be too any of the following:

Fiscally Responsible

For some reason the majority of the male callers seemed to think that something would be neglected, the house work won’t get completed, no dinner will be on the table or brought home, the children will be neglected…but the real reason IMO is that the MAN would be neglected! This was totally crazy to me, because society seems to think that a white woman can do/have it all. But we can’t. Why is that? Michael said women that say they don’t need a man are crazy…that women who brag about doing it the…


What is hooking up? Is it dating, dinner, dancing, the movies, lunch, brunch, sexing, orgies, menage e trois??? Or is it all of the above and then some?

This meaning has changed so much over the years. In the past when I said, "lets hook up" it meant lets meet, do lunch, dinner, or drinks. Now when I say that phrase, I have to preface my statments with "Do you want to meet for dinner, lunch, drinks?" and then when I get the response I say "Okay, we can hook up...etc.." If you don't preface your statements, some people may interpret "lets hook up" with I wanna sex you some instances that may not be a bad thing, but for some it may.

I have been thinking about this question for so long and now my inquiring mind wants to know...What does "HOOKING UP" mean to you?