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Are You Dating For Self of Family & Friends

Meeting a man is as easy as saying "excuse me...what's your name?" A phrase made famous by Hip-Hop Mogul Jay-Z, the intro to his smash hit Excuse Me Miss as he sidles up to a young lady that he found attractive.

When it comes to dating, are you choosing a mate for you or are you more concerned about what your family and friends will think of your potential mate?

Are women more concerned about this than men? Is this one of the factors keeping you single and/or dateless?

Are you placing your potential mate under a microscope? Are you searching for flaws and judging the book by its cover?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it could quite possibly be one of the reasons why you are single?

Ideally it is important that your mate is social enough that they will not pose a problem at an office party or family event, because none of us want to be embarrassed in front of those we love, respect, and trust.

But as I watch women, especially women 35 and over, they tend to …

The 3 Date Rule

You meet him. You like him. You go on a date with him. The first date was the initial meet and greet, where you met for coffee after work. During that time you set up a second date to have dinner a couple of days later.
It’s the night of the second date and you are having a fabulous time. Your checklist is getting checked-off, because so far he meets your basic requirements: looks, education, personality, charm, and charisma…but in the back of your mind, you have this niggling sensation about a conversation you recently overheard the women in your salon discussing. As you sat in your stylists chair you listened as they volleyed their dating woes and there was a consensus amongst them all that most men had this unspoken rule that if they took you out on three dates, then by the third date they expected you to sleep with them.
You look into his eyes, trying to gauge his thoughts. Does he think like that? Will he expect something on the next date? Should I accept a next date, without disc…