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Dating Tips 101: Top 5 things to do at Christmas When Your Single

Yes its Christmas time. A time where family and friends gather to love and share old times, good times, and new times as they exchange gifts and laughter and love.
Yet you sit in the background and rather than enjoy the festivities, you are woeful and quiet, lamenting silently about your singleness.
How do I know this? Because I used to do exactly that, smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside. Hell, I did that and I was in a relationship, yet always always spent Christmas alone.
However, I broke out of that mode by doing these 5 things:
1.I thank GOD each and every day for my family and my friends and for all of the blessings he continues to bestow upon me.2.I take joy in seeing the delight in my nieces and nephews faces as they open up their gifts.3.I love being around my family and my friends, so make sure that I make time for them.4.I play Christmas music, drink egg nogg, and decorate my house and tree with family and friends.5.I repeat steps 1 & 3 as often as possibl…