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Hello everyone...

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Sometimes I sit and think about my life and my relationships. It makes me wonder about the ever elusive intangible feelings of L O V E.

In order to love another you must first love yourself. Not part of yourself, but your whole self, from the inside out. You have to embrace your own being before embracing another.

Having been in love (only two times in my life), and although my heart is open to love… I wonder… Will I allow myself to open my heart up wide enough to allow someone else in? Will I grant him full access to my mind, body, and spirit, or will I cordon off a percentage, holding just that little piece of myself back?

I’m told that people come into our lives for a reason and only for a season, so is my season over? Or has it just begun…I hope its just begun because life is too short to spend it alone and it gets shorter if you spend your time with someone you do not truly love. Sadly, this is a daily occurrence.

I talk to a lot of single men and women and while the majority still b…

Ties That Bind

How important is it that the people in your life understand, acknowledge, approve, and accept, the decisions that you make?

Is it important for your loved ones to have a general understanding of what is is you do and why you're doing it? I have been milling this question around for the past few weeks...

I have major default mechanicism, a void rather for acceptance in all aspects of my life. "What would my family say" is always in my mind. How will they respond if I were to say this ____, or how would they feel if they knew that I ____whatever.

I am too freaking conscious to make sure that others see me in a certain way. I've always had this desire to please make sure they they were happy and even if I wasn't I gave a good impression that I was. It is important for me to show that I can strong when it comes down to certain situations and aspects. The reality of it is...I present a tough exterior to all, but underneath I am soft. I am very vulnerable (God…

Does Size Matter?

How important is size? Does size matter?

The girls and I were talking and one of the females we were talking to said she asked God to send her a with a large penis. We told her to ask God to send her a good man, and hope that that good man has a large penis. Another said, "No just so long as he is a good man and has a large something, it doesn't have to be a penis, it could be a wallet, house, whatever, but do not just concentrate on a large penis."

Personally, I like a big and tall man...there is something about a man that stands 6' or better and weighs 230lbs (or better), that just does something to me. I stand up and at attention, because I am thinking that he has got to have it going on...penis size, usually they do. Don't get it twisted, all tall men are not built equally, their bodies aren't "congruent"... sometimes you see a 6'4" 245lb man and you think DAYUM, then when the clothes come off he is working with a 4" penis then ther…

Sexual or Spiritual - What is More Important???

Sassy wants to know----What is more important in a relationship, Sexual or Spiritual connection?

I found the viewers answers to be very interesting, as the majority of the viewers said it depends on whether or not the two are having a strictly sexual relationship or if they are looking and/or involved in something deeper.

If it is strictly a sexual relationship, then the sexual connection is more important. If they aren't compatible sexually, then its obvious that the relationship will quickly dissolve.

Yet, if it is a deeper more emotional and spiritual connection then the sexual chemistry will take that connection {should it progress as such} to the next level. This spiritual connection is not the connection one has with their God, but the connection that the two individuals have together. It can come from long talks, walks, emails, the same sense of humor, personalities meshing, the whole 9.

In the past I have had strictly sexual relationships. But I'm older now, I need a deepe…

Take or Be Taken

Recently, a friend asked me would I rather take or be taken?

I pondered that question for a moment. I had to let my mind marinate on it for a while and I realized that I'd rather be taken. I cannot speak for all women, but I enjoy it more when a man takes TOTAL control.

Being taken to me is a complete act of submission. Light S & M...hmmm doesn't sound bad, so long as it is with the right person. When I think of "being taken" I think of myself completely helpless to HIS will and HIS power. I am obedient to what it is he asks of me. I am there to fulfill his every whim, wish, thought, and desire. He doesn't have to ask me to do anything. He tells me what I am going to do for him! All that is required of me is to yield to his will. Oh to be taken...Hmmmm...I can see the visual now...bound, tethered, tied...helpless, dutiful, subservient, docile...passive...

As for taking...I know for some that it is a huge turn on for a woman to "take" from…

Are You Better Off Single

By Dawn Yanek

Attention, unmarried people of America: You can splurge on a fancy new wristwatch without having to explain yourself. You can stay out till 3 a.m. without having to phone home. You can leave the toilet seat up. In fact, there are many, many ways that single life rocks, though you may forget that fact when your relatives are grilling you about settling down.

Not only do you have the freedom to do anything you want—it’s also the best time in history to be flying solo. The marriage rate has declined nearly 50 percent since 1970, according to the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University, and right now, there are approximately 100 million singles in the U.S. And there’s strength in those numbers: “Today’s choose-to-be singles differ from the poor-me singles of past generations; there’s less of a stigma attached to being single, ” says Jerusha Stewart, author of The Single Girl’s Manifesta. “Singles are traveling, buying homes and doing everything they want to—you don’t h…


This past weekend I had a B L A S T! It was the 30th anniversary of my families Crab Feast and this year it was bananas!

First my brother Billy, my sister-in-law Maria, and my niece NaTasha, came home from Missouri for their annual visit. In addition to that, my nephew Chago and his girl flew in from Iraq (they work for Halliburton) and this weekend was a huge family event.

Now for the CRAB FEAST....

Besides the fact that there were over 980 people in attendance. The DJ was off the hook! Then there was the all of the extra little added touches of the day that made it that much more interesting.

Let me begin with the fact that I made 485 Jell-O Shooters for my section to ensure that at least everyone had one...then I knew I had to look good I knew that there were a few people there that came specifically to see me. And just as I thought they looked good, I know I looked just as good to them...(careful Sass, you're hubris is showing)...sorry, I had to check myself, but its true. I looke…

6 Signs You're Dating An Alpha Female

6 Signs You're Dating An Alpha Female
By Andrea Madison
Relationship Correspondent - Every 2nd Monday

She's on top of her dating game. She is obstinate, conceited and doesn't make it easy for you to pick her up. She gives you a run for your money and makes you work overtime on her, so to speak. But all this only makes her more appealing to you. She is, in other words, the quintessential "alpha female."

The alpha female has an uncanny ability to make men chase her. Her talent is very distinct from that of the "alpha male," a man whose aptitude for chasing women is finely tuned. But the alpha female's talents are special, and consequently, chasing her might be your biggest dating challenge yet. So how can you tell if she's an alpha female? Below are six dead giveaways along with strategies to deal with her sneaky alpha tactics. In addition to the tips below, there is only one more thing you need to remember when pursuing a woman who knows her way ar…