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Does Size Matter?

How important is size? Does size matter?

The girls and I were talking and one of the females we were talking to said she asked God to send her a with a large penis. We told her to ask God to send her a good man, and hope that that good man has a large penis. Another said, "No just so long as he is a good man and has a large something, it doesn't have to be a penis, it could be a wallet, house, whatever, but do not just concentrate on a large penis."

Personally, I like a big and tall man...there is something about a man that stands 6' or better and weighs 230lbs (or better), that just does something to me. I stand up and at attention, because I am thinking that he has got to have it going on...penis size, usually they do. Don't get it twisted, all tall men are not built equally, their bodies aren't "congruent"... sometimes you see a 6'4" 245lb man and you think DAYUM, then when the clothes come off he is working with a 4" penis then there is a definate problem...but then again, if he knows what he is doing then the size shouldn't matter(I say shouldn't). But from the stories women have told me, some don't have a clue. In that case lets hope is cunnilingus skills are beyond par...LOL

Yet, the more I thought about the question, this thought came to mind...MY idea of large may not be the next womans idea of large. Seven of us were standing around talking, and each of us had our own ideas on what was large. I said 7" to 9", one said 6" and one even said 12". At that thought we laughed, because there is no way you can handle a 12" penis on a regular basis. Let's get real, that 12"'s is gonna get real old, real quick. I mean hey, we'd probably give it a try-ONCE, but I would absolultely dread coming home to that daily. My sister said, she'd pad up each night and tell him he is too big and keeps making her bleed...LOL But honestly, how big does the penis have to be?

I think that 7" to 9" is good enough. Although I think those are good sizes, I cannot discount the fact that penis size is not all that important if you have a skilled lover. Skilled in the way in which he stimulates your body. There should be NO place on a woman's body that a man shouldn't want to kiss. There is no place on a man's body (my man's) that I won't kiss, touch, caress, fondle, suck, lick...the caveat being he is MY man. I mean I want to be exhausted from the use of my mouth and tongue before any vaginal penetration...that is the culmination of all of the foreplay...right?!?!?!

Someone once said that you will never find all three (surface traits) in one man, that is good in bed, a good provider, and that he looks good on your arm. Now you may get two, but never have we found all three and the same holds true for men searching for women. Yes, these are only the surface traits, but you can have a good looking man, with money and he can be lousy in bed, and vice versa. Which trait would I prefer, well since we all have to grow, we learn that looks aren't as important as the personality and character of that person. Mental, emotional, and spiritual stimulation will automatically enhance the physical attraction the folks have for one another.

I'm interested in hearing from everyone. Does size matter?



Soulchild74 said…
I have to say this. From a man's perspective, size don't mean squat. You better ask for a man with skills in the bedroom, period. You can get a man with a big penis that makes you thank God when you see it and he can't lay pipe for squat and you are wanting him to get off of you so you can pull out the dildy for a hummer session.

Let me flip the script. Men only want women with "tig ole bitties". The bigger the better. Now let me tell you what my Uncles told me. "Big tits are good to look at, but more than a handful is a waste. Besides sooner or later those big ole thangs will start to sag and flatten. Not a beautiful sight."
SassyScribe said…
Just "tig ole bitties" because I thought somewhere in there was a need for a phat azz as well...LOL
Soulchild74 said…
Well we tend to think that a phat azz is standard on a Sista. No need to mention it. LOL!!
SassyScribe said…
Hey, the azz can drop as well...

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