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Why Men Don't Talk...

Found another one thanks to my man SoulChild...who happens to be my personal web guru...mucho gracias~

Why Men Don't Talk

As the editor of the biggest men's magazine in the world, I am privy to something many women rarely hear - straightforward, uninhibited guy talk.

Don't be so shocked - guys do actually talk, and not just about Tom Brady's quarterback rating. Most women think their man is the strong, silent type (or maybe the oblivious, silent type), and they wonder why he doesn't share his feelings.

But here's the truth: Men do want to open up, about their hopes, their fears, and their passions. Yet put him alone in a room with you, and he often turns into a Sphinx. Why can't he take his eyes off the TV and talk about the state of the relationship, or the finances, or, heck, the backyard landscaping? Why in the world can't he just summarize his day for 10 minutes?

In fact, one in five w…

What Makes A Man Want To Marry

Interesting find online...

What Makes a Man Marry?

I have a friend who spent two weeks in Europe with his girlfriend, and some of it didn't go too well. He didn't like the haircut she got pre-trip.

She didn't like the way his eye wandered on the streets of Paris. They fought some. So when my friend got back home, he asked a wise friend (no, certainly not me) what he should do.

Here's the advice he got: Every relationship is going to come up against some obstacles. They'll either break it up, or make it stronger. If it ends, it wasn't meant to be. If you push through, the relationship will be better than ever.

That's stuck with me for a long time, in part because my friend is now 21 years into marriage with that one-time girlfriend. So I'm just guessing that their relationship grew stronger when they faced obstacles. What made the difference for …

He Cheated...Now What

So your gut instinct was found out he cheated, so now what do you do?

Many of your friends will tell you to leave him, but the majority of women will not leave after the first time they find out that their mate has cheated. To be honest, the majority of women stay, rather its for love or lifestyle, they very rarely leave.

I know so many so-called married folks that on the surface appear to be happy and beneath they are both cheating neither getting what it is they want from the other, so rather than separate they step out and come back. A revolving door of random individuals throughtout their relationship. I've heard men say they stay because of the children, as if that situation is ideal for the kids. Is it ideal if their is no sign of affection between the parents? What is that teaching and/or showing the children? What if the parents are constantly fighting, sniping, griping, and back biting one another...what does that show? Shouldn't the children know what its l…

Waiting To Exhale

The 1995 Box office hit “WAITING TO EXHALE” , told the story of four African American women, one married with an impending divorce, one a single mother, and two single women both struggling in relationships with lothario’s and married men. I watched that movie again this morning (3am) and it got me to thinking…How many women are still “waiting to exhale”?

How many of them are still waiting for “the one”…”the knight in shining armor”…their soul mate, the one person who really and truly loves, cherishes and understands them. That one person who can finish their sentence, make their heart race, that one person who would do anything for them…no questions asked.

I’ve seen this movie at least 100 times, but this time…it moved me to tears. Angela Bassett lying in Wesley Snipes arms saddened and pissed over her impending divorce. Loretta Divine crying to Gregory Hines over her son leaving to tour Europe and her admitting that he had been the man in her life and how unfair it was of her to burde…

Valentines Day & Men

It’s no secret that for the past six years my sister and my two cousins, and I throw a fabulously hot Valentine’s Day Party. Its live, off the hook, and interactive, with games, food, music, and prizes…there are sample drinks passed out each hour…a chocolate fountain with huge California vine ripened succulent strawberries…and a wide array of other desserts and delectable morsels.

There is a good time had by all, young and the young at heart. We do discriminate with ticket sales because we only want the Grown & Sexy in attendance…the exception we make is for the parents and aunts and uncles…hell, they taught us how to throw a party…how to get different groups to mix and mingle and stop sitting around all bougie and shyt.

But as I write this I am perplexed…Why is it that the word Valentine tends to scare and/or invoke a fear in people? Is it an admission or an acceptance of their own loneliness? I wonder?

You know I’ve been throwing this party for six years with no date and when I had…

Men- That 80/20 Rule is T R U E

Too many times I listen to women talk about how a man has done them wrong…and I hear men talking about how women aren’t being honest, or women don’t know what it is that they want…but ladies, do men really and truly know what they want? Hell no!

Men say they want a woman that’s a freak in the bed, a good cook, independent, fun to be around, does not nag, allows him his space, and is a good mother…for some men that have this it still appears to not be enough…

Men you may not like this, but what Tyler Perry wrote in his movie “Why Did I Get Married” about that 80/20 rule and that you are only going to get 80% of what you need or want in a person, but because folks are still searching and think they have found something better in that 20% person they go for it…then guess what…that 20% person wasn’t as great as they thought. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side…sometimes its full of rocks...but men have to find out the hard way. You saw how it played out in the movie…it plays ou…

February 2008 Sassy Entertainment Show Schedule

FEBRUARY 2008 SHOW Show Schedule - 646.716.7414

Thursday, February 7th @ 9pm - Men & Women Are Built Differently -
Do you believe that men and women are built differently when it comes to you think an uninhibited woman is a you think women that have casual sex or one night stands are using this as a defense mechanism to stave off the ills of being hurt?

***Wednesday, February 13th @ 9pm*** (Special Valentine's Show) - WHY DID HE BREAK UP WITH ME? -
Have you ever been dumped and all you were left with was the lingering question, "Why did he break up with me?" What woman hasn't been there? Special Guest DeBora Ricks, author of Love Addicted will dish the dirt with Sassy! This show is not to be missed because everyone has a story to tell...

Thursday, February 21st @9pm - HOMOSEXUALITY & THE BLACK COMMUNITY -
The community abhores it...the church scorns and shuns it, the family is ashamed of it, and friends tr…

When Is Black Enough

I don't think its a secret that I have been a fan of Senator Barack Obama since he spoke at the DNC in 2004...since then I have been following his career...and it is my hope that he receives the nomination for President. That is why it still bothers me when I hear that blacks are divided in their decision between Obama & Clinton. So when I received this in an email, and although I did not write this piece below, I was compelled to share it...enjoy!

When Black is Enough

Please, make me a believer! I must confess, I feel that in being a Barack Obama supporter I have missed something or as the media portrays…I have missed everything the Clinton's have done for me, a black woman in America. Since I am truly a socialite at heart who hates to miss an event, let alone a decade of the African-American migration to a better life; please can someone?...Anyone? Tell me what exactly the Clinton's have done for black people that has made our loyalty so steadfast and unwavering! Or a…