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Sexual History - To Disclose or Not Disclose

How much of your sexual history should you disclose to a mate? For some women this question remains a constant conflict because how much of the reveal is too much? I advocate truth telling, although we all know that there are some that live in their convoluted and distorted truth. But, in this day and time, it is vitally imperative to your health and welfare to always state the truth.

As adults we understand that you may not want to reveal all...that at one point in our lives we may have done something that was a little wild and/or off the hook and some things you just may decide to take to the grave. But years ago, you know back in the day when dating was easier and fun, you didn't have the issues that you have today. The questions that individuals must ask today are not questions that you had to ask twenty years ago.

Today we have to ask questions like:
Are you currently sexually active? If so, how many partners are you intimate with?
Have you ever have or currently have a sexual tr…