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Sassy Me
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SassySribe Profiling
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Are we attracted to whom we aspire to be? Or are we attracted to those opposite what we are?

I feel that attraction comes in many forms. You can be attracted to a person physically, but not mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. However, you can be attracted to a person on the three latter levels and not attracted to them physically.

Does anyone agree or disagree with me on this? I mean I am all for physical attraction, I mean I have to have the ability and wherewithall to want to look at you. At least! Who wants to wake up to a boogabear each morning. But, personally, I am one of those people that has to be mind-phucked. If you can stimulate me mentally, it stirs the emotional and spiritual side of me, ergo the physical doesn't matter in looks. You've won half the battle, notice I said half. The other half of that physicalness is the mastery of physical stimulation through sexual expression of self. Teaching me to become one with you and vice versa. Not being afraid to tell me…

Sex On The First Date

Sex On The First Date
Copyright 2005 - Saundra E. Harris
All rights reserved.

Chapter 1
My body gyrated to the hip sounds of Usher. The sexy red dress was designed for excitement. For the past hour we’ve played the eye game. I’d turn and look at him, smile and turn my head; he in turn did the same. My long red dress was veed in the front exposing my luscious breast, while the back dipped low showcasing my smooth brown back. It had a front split that stopped three quarters of the way up exposing a dark chocolate thigh. I was deliberately dancing for the gentleman that stood across the room from me. I turned knowing that my leg was exposed for all to see, but I know he knew it was for him.
My body could feel the music as I dipped and grooved to YEAH. Just then the deejay changed to the smooth sounds of Alicia Keys and I turned towards him. Now it was time to make a move. All around me the dance floor was beginning to fill with couples, yet I stood there alone. Approached…

SassyScribe's Cure

Cure for the Summer Time Blues:

Little Boy Blue

1 part Gin
1 part Vodka
1 part Rum
1 part Triple Sec
1 part Orange Juice
1 part Pineapple Juice
1 part Blue Careceaou
1 part Ginger Ale

Mix all ingredients in large pitcher...pour over ice! Take your first sip and feel how the Little Boy Blue Blows his horn and all of your blues away.

Copyright 2005 SassyScribe All Rights Reserved!


I have been unemployed since the end of May and trust that the boredom has set in. Boredom I hate this word because boring people are boring. I'm not boring, just tired of having the same routine. Now this wouldn't be a bad thing if I was independantly wealthy, but alas I'm not. Recently, I hired a job coach, to help me develop my interviewing skills as well as creating the hottest resume and cover letter for me. I also went on a couple of interviews and I felt confident going into both of its the wait and see.

Since 1998, I've worked for temporary agencies, which at that time was perfect because I was concentrating on my studies and finalizing my freshman novel "THE PARTY". Now that I've graduated with a BS in BM {that is not a bull shit degree in Bowel Movements} it is a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, I am hard on the job hunt. This temporary shit is not for me anymore. Hell, I thought getting my degree would help a little,…

Losing the Phat

Phew! I don't know about the rest of y'all but my azz bores easily. Especially now that summer is here, there are so many things to see and do during the summer. There's AFRAM, ArtScape, and the Book Festival, Seafood Festivals, Wine Festivals, etc...I mean there is so much to do and so little time.

In 3 short months these events will be over and the cooler weather will move in. In the meantime the ladies and I are trying to get our bodies into shape. Yeah, we waited until the summer was here before we did this. We had all winter to get it right, but no, we waited until now. We have started doing the latest in exercise craze- Exotic Dance Aerobics. I absolutely LOVE IT! I mean its not exercise, its a way to take your freakiness to the next level. Hell, we are learning exotic dance moves...moves that should hopefully move any man to the next level of enjoyment. No need to go and get that lap dance from Norma Jeans or the Foxy Lady- they can now get one at home. Oh wait, th…

Date #1 - 5 Black Voices Chat Room


Date Number 1 - April 2002

I met this guy online who talked about his height and how he looked, he even sent me a picture. Well one day after I worked up the courage, I met him at a restaurant and low and behold he wasn't the man in the picture {naive of me, I know} but I truly believed him when he emailed me his pic and stats. I mean who am I! I don't know him- there was no reason for him to lie to me! That's what pissed me off the most! When we met he was driving a luxury car, but he never once stepped out of it to greet me or anything, he just pulled his car up alonside mine and we talked for a few...when we finally decided to go inside of the restaurant that's when I got to see him for what he was. The brother was no more than 5' tall, if that. He was dark skinned {as am I} and there was nothing wrong with that, because the pic he showed me was a dark skinned brother, but in it the brother was 6'3", which coincedentally is how I like them. Tal…

Online Dating

When I first got my computer, I used to sit up and chat all night long with numerous people from across the globe. As I got bolder, I actually met some of these individuals that I had chatted with online. The one commonality I found was that they all lied about something...that was in 2002. Today, I am a member of three online dating services {I'm a free member to them so communication is limited} anyway, three years later I am finding the same thing...that they all lie for some reason or another. Now my girlz feel that I am crazy to not only talk to these freaks I meet online but to actually meet them. And I am beginning to realize that they are right...I am crazy or are they crazy? I'm crazy because I genuinely want a relationship, and I am finding out the reason why some of these men are still single and that is....drum roll please---

They don't say what they mean and mean what they say! That goes for the women as well! Now I know life happens and you had a life before y…

I Wanna Be A....

Have you ever wondered what you were going to be when you grew up? I used to say that I wanted to be a lawyer, because I love to debate topics, issues, and situations. But instead as I grew older my career path changed. Over the past eighteen years, I've worked in thankless, meaningless jobs, with little and/or not authority. I was unable to affect and create change. They were all dead end jobs. Since 1998, I've worked in temporary positons, and here I am again, finding myself without a job. The problem is I know what I want to do, I just don't have the resources to do. My dream is to own and operate my own bookstore. Sounds geeky and corny, but its what I want, its what I am most passionate about. Reading, writing, and all things literary! In an effort to get that accomplished, I wrote and self published my first maintstream multicultural fiction novel entitled "THE PARTY". It is published by Saphari Books, Inc., a small press company on the East Coast {www.saph…

Summer Time Crazieness

Why is it that relationships never last when the warm weather hits? I mean what is it that makes people loose their minds and end relationships in the summer? In the past few years I have seen plenty of what I considered to be strong relationships, solid relationships, long term committed relationships unravel and disintergrate in the summer. I don't understand what makes people think and believe that the grass is always greener on the other side? Many of us know that the grass is never green! Its brown as shit, with bumps and grooves and hidden cracks so deep that you don't see all of that craziness until after you've jumped over the fence! By then its too late. I mean I wouldn't take someone back who thought they had a "better deal" with someone else. If I wasn't good enough to stay with, then I'm damn sure not good enough to come back to. Besides you never go back...after a break up, at least I don't because the reason why the relationship fail…

In The Beginning

Hello World...

Welcome to Xcapades of THE GIRLZ...! Here is where I will share {with their permission} the lives and xcapades of myself and my girlfriendz. All of us are in our mid to late thirties, some married with kids- some not. All of us are voluptuous women with wicked senses of humor, cutting edge wit with the ability to talk smack to any and all that we encounter. Many people find us to be the life of every party that we attend. As a matter of fact we are always invited to every event...I mean what's a party without THE GIRLZ. They need us to make their lives more fulfilled. We talk the shit that others don't. We can carry our own in any conversation, which is why we're at the top of the party list. Back in the day people thought we were lesbian because we were together so much, but trust and recognize that all of us are STRICTLY DICKLY!

I want to start off by telling you a little about myself---I'm a thirty-something female on the east coast in the THICK of the …