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Sex On The First Date

Sex On The First Date
Copyright 2005 - Saundra E. Harris
All rights reserved.

Chapter 1

My body gyrated to the hip sounds of Usher. The sexy red dress was designed for excitement. For the past hour we’ve played the eye game. I’d turn and look at him, smile and turn my head; he in turn did the same. My long red dress was veed in the front exposing my luscious breast, while the back dipped low showcasing my smooth brown back. It had a front split that stopped three quarters of the way up exposing a dark chocolate thigh. I was deliberately dancing for the gentleman that stood across the room from me. I turned knowing that my leg was exposed for all to see, but I know he knew it was for him.

My body could feel the music as I dipped and grooved to YEAH. Just then the deejay changed to the smooth sounds of Alicia Keys and I turned towards him. Now it was time to make a move. All around me the dance floor was beginning to fill with couples, yet I stood there alone. Approached by several men, but waiting for and wanting only one. I was waiting for him to come to me. Several minutes went by, we held each others eyes, and boldly I stepped towards him, inviting him with my eyes. His body moved away from the wall. He sat his glass tumbler of amber liquid down and met me halfway. I took his hand in mine and turned to lead him to the floor, but instead he pulled me towards him, clutching me to him tightly. I could smell the sandal wood cologne as I inhaled his essence. My insides tingled as his hands glided up and down my back. Our bodies fit as if they were made for one another. Closing my eyes, I rested my head upon his chest…I felt his heart beating against my ear. I could feel his excitement as his body hardened as I insinuated my leg between us bringing him into closer contact with my body. I felt his lips upon my neck as we danced. Nothing and no one existed but the two of us. I could sense the envy of the other women around us as together we made our own beautiful music. This man I wanted to make love to…wanted him to do things to me that would scandalize my friends. Hell, the thoughts shocked me because I didn’t go in for one night stands, but as fine as he is, I would forego my own rule. Just this once.

As the song ended, we continued to sway to the tune of our bodies, the beat of our hearts. No longer Alicia Keys or Usher, just Sapphire and my mystery man. Reluctantly I released my arms from around his neck. Slowly I lifted my head. My eyes burned with a glow of excitement, I smiled and whispered “Thank you”. I felt his hands moving up and down my arms, gently kneading and squeezing them. “Thank you.” Something inside me compelled me to want to feed upon his soft, juicy, kissable lips. I licked my dry lips and before I could stop myself I traced his lips with my hot moist tongue. I felt him jerk, before immediately responding, tasting my mouth as if he had to quench his thirst. I knew without words that we were leaving the club. We had to be alone together to explore each other at will. I pulled away from him, “I’ll meet you outside in five minutes. I have to let my girls know where I’m going.” Again he stopped me as I went to walk away. He laced his fingers with mine and followed me to the table. The chattering of my friends stopped as they eyed the glow on my face and the intentness on his. “Ladies this is…” I stopped drawing a blank. We hadn’t exchanged names. I didn’t need to know his name…I knew him…felt him.

“Kane. Xavier Kane.” His voice wrapped itself around me like smooth chocolate. I turned to my friends, “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

My friends didn’t have to say a word. The look in their eyes said it all they would talk to me in the morning.

Following him outside, I stopped, to give my key to the valet, as he walked ahead to his car. I waited, my thoughts chastised and ridiculed. My conscious wanting to give way to the voice of reason, but my body driven by a yearning so strong, that I negated anything but him. Xavier Kane. Even the name evoked an image of him poised above me. My thoughts stopped as the valet appeared with my car. Giving him a tip, I stepped inside, my head turning as a sleek black Porsche pulled beside me.

I followed him to a swank residence in Georgetown. Parking behind him in his private driveway, I exited the car. My dress fell to expose more than just my leg as his indrawn breath told me he had caught a glimpse of the skimpy red lace between them. It barely covered me, my lips were exposed. This is just a one-night stand Sapphire…get a grip girl.

As I followed him into the house he took my wrap and purse and laid them on the table. I didn’t get a chance to look around or view my surroundings, for he gripped my neck massaging it, guiding me to his mouth and forcing my lips open. His mouth covered mine as our tongues danced and twined around one another. His hands found the zipper at my side and slowly pulled it down revealing my lush body to him. He turned me so that my back was to him, the two of us facing the oversized mirror on his wall. He kissed my neck. My legs quivered. Wantonly I raised my arms as his hand snaked around to knead my coco mounds. My nipples protruded forward, throbbing with the need to feel his tongue. With his left hand wrapped around my neck holding me to him, his right hand gently teased and taunted my nipples. “Kiss me.” I begged him. He obliged by teasing my bottom lip between his teeth, softly tugging, gently playful. My body melted further into his as his hand dipped below the line of my panties. As he felt how hot and ready I was for him he moaned. I feverishly stepped out of my dress, kicking it away from me. I turned in his arms. “No I want you like this.” He told me as he turned me away from him and bent me over. I felt him placing hot moist kisses along my spine until he reached the apex of my behind. There he raised his hand to deliver a stinging blow. Instead of anger, I was excited. He did this repeatedly as his fingers teased around my pussy lips. Dipping low he thrust his fingers inside me bringing them up to my mouth so that I could taste my juices. He repeated this action, but instead he tasted me. That’s when I felt his lips. They traced the outline of my pussy, before his tongue slowly delved inside. My legs wobbled. I was completely bent over…ass up in the air, gripping my ankles as he ate me. His tongue flicked my clit making me moan aloud. “You like that?” I heard him ask. “Uhhhhh…yeah.” Was all I could manage. “Please I want to taste you.” I said as I pulled myself up to place my hands on my knees. I could see him in the mirror his face buried in my ass. He pulled away from me to turn me to the side as I dropped to my knees in front of him. I kissed the head of his dick before placing it full in my mouth. I had to feel him against my throat. My girls would die if they could see me. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed. I sucked him feeling him grow and swell in my mouth. Nothing turned me on more than giving a man this type of pleasure. I was going to make myself cum. I kneaded his balls gently, before sucking one then the other. I kissed his thigh and the small membrane under his balls and felt him jerk. Gotcha! I continued to lick and kiss this most sensitive of areas before taking his dick and kissing the underside it. With one hand I stroked in a circular motion up and down, as his fingers twined themselves in my hair. “Feed me” I told him between sucking his dick. That’s when his eyes opened and he looked at me. The strain on his face and the tightening of his balls telling me he was about to cum. I move from my knees into a crouching position. As much as I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth, I needed to feel his dick throbbing within me. “Lay down” I told him. He stretched out on the floor, and slowly, oh so slowly, I guided myself onto his long thick shaft. My body jerked. He felt so good throbbing inside me. I started moving up and down slowly but he placed his hands on my hips and thrust into me harder and faster. Each thrust hitting the core of me…as if he bottomed out. My pussy soaking wet. My moans became louder. I bounced up and down on his dick. My grip on his shoulders tightened. His fingers dug into my hips. I leaned down and kissed him. He moved his hands to my head holding me in place as I brought us to the final climax. Our kisses, at first greedy changed slowly as our heart-rates decreased. Turning me over so that he was on top, I felt his body become hard again. He raised up, stretched his long lithe body, before bending down to pick me up from the floor.

He crossed the room taking me upstairs into the master suite, through to his bathroom. He sat me on side of his whirlpool tub, before moving over to his oversized shower stall. He turned on the water and set the temperature. Then he crossed over to me and took my hand to follow him into the glass enclosed enclave. This time our loving was slow and deliberate, beginning with soaping one another’s bodies, to him taking me from behind with my face pressed against the glass. After bathing my sore body gently he wrapped me in a bath sheet and guided me into his room. He dried my body, pulled back the coverlet and placed me between the cool sheets. He lay beside me, wrapping me in his strong embrace. It was as I fell asleep that I realized he didn’t know my name.

Around five in the morning I woke leaving my business card on his bedside table. I looked over at his sleeping form before running down the stairs trying to remember the path he chose last night. I found the room. The evidence of our loving all around, my panties were under the table and my dress draped over the back of a lounger. Hurriedly I dressed and flew out the door. My heart pounding, I hoped he called, but if not it was just a one night stand!


Anonymous said…
OMG! That is the hottest piece I've read in a minute! I hope there is more to cummmmm!!!!!
mis miami said…
I can't wait for your next book to come out. I need a new job, and I'm available to be your agent. Anyway, I loved that tidbit.
Anonymous said…
This was very well wrote, I loved it.!!!!

Cincinnati Black Writer

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