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I May Be Selfish & I Can Be a Bitch- But its not the reason Why I Am Not Married

While I was out searching for a job, I missed Tracy McMillan's recent Huffington Post article "Why You're Not Married"  I know the article was written over a week ago now, but I still wanted to say a little something something...ya feel me.

Because this is yet another lamentation on the woe's of single women...however, this time the writer is encompassing all women and not just Black Women as articles from various writers and bloggers in the past. Ms. McMillan is not the only person writing about this phenomenon, as there are countless books on this very subject for and by women of all races. 

Ms. McMillan states in her article that women (using a largely painted brush) particularly single women, are shallow, angry, lying, selfish, sluts who are just not good enough to land that big fish...conquer that final frontier in essence we (since I am single and not married) can't quite ge…