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Mom & President Obama

Wassup! I know it’s been a minute since my last blog…hell, I am even noticing that I am not writing as much as I used to. But I just wanted to briefly share the emotional ride that I began on January 16, 2007

This past week was an exciting week for me because of two reasons. The first reason is that my mother turned 70 on Saturday, January 17th, and my sisters (Carian, Judy, and Stacey), my brother (Billy), and my father (Sam) all threw her one hellacious surprise birthday party. It also reminded me that some of my cousins and some very dear friends have most recently lost their mother, which made having the party for my mother more poignant for us. We are thankful and blessed that God has given her to us thus far. We rented a banquet room at Snyder’s Willow Grove Restaurant, and 115 guests dined on filet mignon and broiled crab cakes. My cousin’s Sheila, Stanley, Curry, Lisa, Karen, Tink, and Craig commissioned a cake for my mother…it was a snow white owl sitting on a branch atop a mo…

25 Things About Me...

25 Things About Me...

1. I am opinionated.
2. I am a loud talker.
3. I love to party.
4. I go through "Tink" withdrawals if I don't talk to her everyday.
5. My younger sister's lifestyle worries the hell out of me.
6. I am an incurable romantic.
7. I believe in love at first sight.
8. I am afraid of the dark.
9. I am afraid of dogs, snakes, and creepy crawley animals...oh yeah hell all repitilian species.
10. I can't stand a soft ass man.
11. Irresponsible parents piss me off.
12. Bad ass children piss me off.
13. I love to cuss and I cuss like a sailor at times.
14. I love spending time with my family.
15. I am an avid reader.
16. I love to write.
17. I am afraid of dying.
18. I drive fast and wish I could run people who cut me off, off the road without them coming to harm.
19. I love to cook.
20. I love to eat seafood.
21. I love spending other people's money.
22. I play my Nintendo DS everyday.
23. I got my name from my uncle.
24. I am a groupie …

New Year...Same Mind Set...

Happy New Year…!!!!

Amazing how long its been since I have blogged. I have really and truly been enjoying myself and taking time out for new friends and family members. The holiday season is my favorite time of year because everyone, despite the rough economic climate, was still filled with such joy! And that is what I truly truly love about this season.

Although this is a new year, I still see and I am reading that people are still now willing and/or are unable to change. Why is it as this year moves into 2009 and we have a fabulous new President…our first African American President that woman are still relegating themselves as second best when it comes to men??!?!?!

I cannot begin to tell you how sad it makes me…now I know the statistics that are out there:

44% will never marry
Black women most uncoupled women on earth
The older a woman gets the more likely she is to date/become involved with a married man
Older women are more desperate
There are not enough good men around

To that I say “wha…