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What Happened To My Village...?

On my drive to work this morning...I got to thinking about my community and how I was raised and the things that I as a child was mindful of and respectful of, and it got me to thinking about my community and what happened to it?

Back in the day we were so very respectful of our elders. We didn't curse or act out in front of them as we knew word of how we acted in the street would reach our house before we did. That was something you never wanted to have happen. I can remember getting upset because my mother would always, without a doubt believe another adult over my siblings or I. Even when that adult would not tell the entire truth just to see us punished, and back then my mother would get a belt, lecture you for an hour then beat your ass and after that you got your dinner and went to bed. Sometimes, the sun would still be shining and our friends would be outside laughing at us because we got in trouble.

Then I didn't like it, but now I understand it and feel that I am a bett…