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What Happened To My Village...?

On my drive to work this morning...I got to thinking about my community and how I was raised and the things that I as a child was mindful of and respectful of, and it got me to thinking about my community and what happened to it?

Back in the day we were so very respectful of our elders. We didn't curse or act out in front of them as we knew word of how we acted in the street would reach our house before we did. That was something you never wanted to have happen. I can remember getting upset because my mother would always, without a doubt believe another adult over my siblings or I. Even when that adult would not tell the entire truth just to see us punished, and back then my mother would get a belt, lecture you for an hour then beat your ass and after that you got your dinner and went to bed. Sometimes, the sun would still be shining and our friends would be outside laughing at us because we got in trouble.

Then I didn't like it, but now I understand it and feel that I am a better person for it. That disclipline, that love via the extension of a belt, or fly swatter, flip-flop, or switch was all administered out of love. Some people may not feel that way and from the way in which I see kids acting, talking, carrying on and not strong enough to handle life's blips and adversities, I can see that some of us have forgotten the things we learned as a child. Some of us have forgotten to hand down the key principles to their kids of being respectful of others and mindful of their manners.

Remember how your parent's would tell you not to embarass the family? Some people obviously didn't get that memo...again I say that because I see it every day. Not just in Main Street America, but its played out live and in living color with every Black brother I see on he an athelete or celebrity...he has forgotten the rules. DON'T BRING SHAME TO THE FAMILY OR THE FAMILY NAME.

What in the blue hell is wrong with people? Now I know that this behavior is not a stretch or out of character as to how some of them acted prior to becoming celebrities, but once you are in the limelight when will they figure out that as a Black Man the world is watching you with ten eyes as opposed to four. Why is it that they cannot recognize that the world is waiting for them to mess up...afterall, so many of your counterparts have already done so, with glaring consequences.

It saddens me each and every time I hear about an alleged charge against a high paying athtlete or a well known celebrity. It makes me think that their celebrity is taking them away from reality. That they surround themselves with folks that do not love them, but only want something from then and in the end their circle is made of up of all "yes" people and no one to say "man what the phuck is wrong with you" or "why would you do something so stupid"? No one is around to tell them not to jeapordize the blessings God has given them.

Again, it could be me. I'm not a celebrity. I don't have millions of dollars at my disposal. I don't have companies trying to give me any and everything I desire for free so long as I plug them at red carpet or hell even blue carpet events. I don't have the access to such things, but I can tell this, I am not willing to allow anyone to jeopordize my current annual salary, if I had millions I damn sure wouldn't allow anyone to jeopordize it! However, you can rest assured that if I did have it, my sister's Carian, Judy, and Stacey, my brother Billy, my cousin and best friend Beverly aka Tink, my BFF Dee, my mother, father, and a host of other family and friends would be quick to bring my ass back down to earth.

Those are the types of people they need to be around. Now if they are the type to just not care what anyone says to them, then those around them have to be strong enough to remove themselves from their life. Trust me, I know how strong of an aphrodisiac money can be, but don't allow their money to compromise your core values and principles. But I see this in the news on a daily basis...let's face it...our community as a whole is fractured and broken. It has been for a long time.

We may not want to talk about WL, but his methods of breaking up our families is still being proven today, over 100 years later. His actions and thought processes are still a vicious cycle within our inner cities. I see it when I ride in Baltimore or Washington DC...grown ass men on the street corners in the middle of the day with a pocket full of money, or in some cases women being the sole bread winners, allowing their non-working man to drop her off at work while he joy rides in her car all day.

My family and some of my friends were lucky in that our parents broke that cycle, but its unfortunate because I see my generation, repeating it. I see so many fatherless and in some cases motherless children. I see so many children raising children as children and they themselves do not have the necessary skills and/or values set to instill anything other than wearing the latest styles, performing the latest dances, or idolizing the latest star.

Education isn't lauded, like running a ball, be it basketball or football. The highest ambiton they seem to have for their kids are for the boys to become ballers and he girls to be video vixens. Another aspiration is that of the local drug dealer and/or pimp, because of the material assests and so called 'celebrity' or 'honor' that it brings.

Maybe if we were more conscious of how we raised our sons and daughters, then maybe we could begin to change things---maybe. Maybe if we placed education right up their with the newest Sean Jean apparel or Jay-Z album then we might be able to create a new "blueprint" for our community...again, these are all maybe's...

All I know is that I am tired of seeing and hearing about the constant demise of our community...its ours, no one but us are responsible for it...I hope I'm not the only one wondering what happened to our village...I know some folks are going to try to blame others, but its 2009, in 15 days we will be in the year 2010, so we can no longer blame 'the man' for holding us back. There are no more excuses...there are opportunities available to everyone, but you have to be willing to sacrifice alot now, for alot more later.



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