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Come See Me & Get Your Grown & Sexy ON!

The Bad Girl of Talk SASSYSCRIBE Invites you to get your Grown & Sexy ON! Saturday, February 17th 5PM - 7PM “Desire 101 - Sex & The Single Woman” A Good Book Bookstore 2101 Gwynn Oak Ave. Woodlawn, MD 21207 Call 410-944-5565 to RSVP
Contact: SassyScribe email:

The Non Existent Prince

Black Women, I have to ask...are you still waiting for your Black Prince? That Knight in Shining Armour on a White Stallion coming to sweep you off your feet and take away all of your fears, troubles, woes, and misery? Are you hoping that his lips soothe your soul? That his arms will ease your pain? That his words will tell you he is going to "make everything all right"? AS romantic and idealic as that sounds...snap back to reality because its not gonna happen.

There are gentlemen out there that are willing to grow and build with someone, but he is in no means trying to carry the entire burden and/or load of the relationship. He himself is looking for a woman that is going to be drama free, that will be caring, and nuturing. She will have a great sense of humor, a positive outlook on life, a kind heart and a sincere spirit. Having said that it makes me wonder, why is it that my gender feels as though they are owed something just because they are women. Don't get me wrong,…

Blacks Don't Read?

This piece has been floating around the internet for a year or so, but I think it bears repeating...its how a caucasian views the black race. I'm just the messenger, but there is some truth to the letter, no matter how hard we may not want to admit it and think!
Dee Lee, CFP
Harvard Financial Educators

Dee Lee

THEY ARE STILL OUR SLAVES We can continue to reap profits from theBlacks without the effort of physical slavery Look at the currentmethods of containment that they use on themselves: IGNORANCE, GREED,and SELFISHNESS.

Their IGNORANCE is the primary weapon of containment. A great man once said, "The best way to hide something from Black people is to put it in a book." We now live in the Information Age. They have gained theopportunity to read any book on any subject through the efforts of theirfight for freedom, yet they refuse to read. There are numerous books readily available at Bor…

Radical Solutions

Some of these solutions will violate alot of civil and certain inaliable rights that we all take for granted...but I don't care! Again these are my opinions and before you blast me, remember, Opinions are Like Assholes, everyone has one!

Radical Solution #1

Enforced Sterilization - this is to stem those whom enjoy living off of the system by continuing to have multiple children, by multiple men, that they know they cannot afford. For women it would be a tubal ligation, and for men a vasectomy.

Radical Solution #2

Parental Restitution - if the parents had to pay for all of the stupid actions of their children, then I believe that alot of stuff would end. No you can't watch your child 24/7, but if you had to pay, say out of pocket for damages caused by your child, then I think after the major beat down that that child (at least my child would receive one for messing with my money) got for phucking YOUR hard earned money up, then I think parents would keep a closer eye on Little Mali…

A Dream Lost

Do you think that we have lost the vision and the mission of Dr. King's Dream and that of the Civil Rights Movement?

I wonder all the time as I see and hear all of the Black-on-Black crime. The single parent households, the high divorce rate, the low marriage rate, the high sexually transmitted disease rate, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, welfare addiction---hell, the list goes on and on. One 1/12 of the year has past and already Baltimore and DC have close to 20 murders, if not more. Bodies being found in ditches, heavily wooded areas, in homes, etc...its a gawd damn disgrace...but what do we do? Where do we start? Does it start in the home? Is it the fault of the poor public school systems in the areas? Is it the lack of respect that people have for one another in general? Whose to blame for the lack of leadership for our Race...or should we govern ourselves?

The very rights that Dr. King, Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, and others marched for are the very rights that folks eithe…

The Island of Desperate Women

I have a vent! I am so sick and damn tired of hearing about "The Island" know the one...the one that has been around since the dawn of time...The I of D W= the Island of Desperate/Dumb Women.

What makes a woman desperate/dumb? Is it want, need, or a desire to be in a relationship? Is it a burning sensation within her that makes her want to have the attentions of a man? Is it low/no self-esteem? Is it dissatisfaction with all aspects of her life? Is it lack of having a father figure growing up?

I think about these questions, each and everytime I hear of a desperate act(s) of women. Too often I see and hear of women chasing men down. Calling them a hundred times! Sending various emails and text messages. Constantly asking them out, wanting to do things with them, to go places...hell even begging them for sex! SEX! Before you all get on me, I have no problem asking a man out...I will go dutch and/or pay for the meal/movies, whatever. I am of the mind set that if I ask you t…

Call Her---Nastee

Call Her--- Nastee
©2007 Saundra E. Harris
Saphari Books, Inc.

Nastee lived for Monday nights at seven. That is when she would go home, run a hot bath and proceed to start her race. Her race was unlike any was against the clock as she masturbated. She masturbated every oriface on her body, but her favorite place to phuck herself was her azz. Each Monday she set a new time limit, depending on her mood, it could be no less than 30 minutes and no more than 3 hours.

Each week she tested her endurance and her metal. How long could she last? How many vibrators and dildos could she take? How far could she go and win the prize?

She started her contest with herself, after she first enjoyed the wonders of anal pleasure. She'd had no idea that the hershey highway was an area to be explored by another, let alone, by herself. Therefore she started off slowly...with small anal beads. Initially, it hurt her like hell to insert the small round balls into her azz. She found that no amount of…

Fair-Weather Friends

Fair-weather friends, only want to be around you in the good times. Fair-weather friends always think you have a motive for being their friend. Fair-weather friends, need justification from others on their looks, and status in life...fair-weather friends are not friends at all, rather they are minions of society whom only are concerned about themselves. They hurt others in the process and that is just a casualty of the system...because in the end, a fair-weather friend is only out to get what they can out of the friendship. In the end you realize that whom you thought was a friend, was just an aquaintance that should've never made it into your inner circle. They should have always been on the outer fringes of your life.

My definition of a friend is someone that is with you through the good and bad times. A person that can tell you honestly that you phucked up and still laugh with you, at you, and at your mistakes, triumphs, sorrows, and joys. A friend that will hold you up when you…

Barack Obama for President

First of all this man took my breath away at the DNC in '04...he was electrifying, motivating, genuine, oh yeah and sexy, with his dark azz lips...

I was so excited when he won the Senate seat in Illinois, eventhough I am here in Maryland, but recently he was on Oprah and she told him that if he decided to run for President in '08, she wanted him to announce it on her show...he said that he hadn't made any decisions as yet. Then on Meet The Press Sunday with Tim Russert he was asked again, and he told him the same thing...that he needed to look at the entire picture with more depth and thought...

Do you think he has the qualifications to become President with so little time under his belt as a public servant? I mean, hey GW only had two years as Governor of Texas under his belt, and look how great that turned out...! Is American Ready for a Black President?

Your Thoughts....

Priority or Option

A friend of mine sent me an email this morning and at the end of the email they signed it

"Do not make someone a priority when you are just an option"
I thought about that statement and thought about it. Hell, I'm still thinking about that statement and it makes you wonder...are a priority in his/her life or are you just an option?

It will make you go hmmmm...I can speak honestly, when I say that I have felt like an option to some people. Like something to do for now and that is it. The sad thing is, I thought at the time I meant alot to that person, but hindsight being what it is, I can SEE that I was just an option. I'm shaking my head at my own naivity, and at the same time I have to laugh. I ate, slept, drank, and breathed this man. I prioritized my life to fit his schedule, to ensure his happiness, making sure that he had everything he needed, i.e. time, attention, affection, and TLC. While I let/allowed all of my wants, desires, and needs fall to the way side, hop…

2006 - What A Year!

WOW! I cannot believe that another year has come and gone?!?!?!?

This year went by so quickly! But I can't complain! I had a blast this year! I spent alot of time with my girls as usual, my baby sister Stacey, my cousins Tink & Karen. We had alot of fun on our excursions and adventures. Some of them great and some of them not so great, but overall we were together and that is what mattered. I was also able to squeeze in several outings and parties with my online friends.

I can't lie, from January to April I was a dating machine. Yall, I had rotation list of men, like men have of women and boy was it fun...Enjoying dinners, drinks, and movies with alot of admirers', three times a week. But that got old and I had to cut the list loose, except for a few of them.

In May, my cousin hosted his annual Memorial Day weekend party...where family and friends ate, drank, and were merry. Sadly, the beginning of June was the saddest for us as a family as we lost our young, daughter, ni…