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Call Her---Nastee

Call Her--- Nastee
©2007 Saundra E. Harris
Saphari Books, Inc.

Nastee lived for Monday nights at seven. That is when she would go home, run a hot bath and proceed to start her race. Her race was unlike any was against the clock as she masturbated. She masturbated every oriface on her body, but her favorite place to phuck herself was her azz. Each Monday she set a new time limit, depending on her mood, it could be no less than 30 minutes and no more than 3 hours.

Each week she tested her endurance and her metal. How long could she last? How many vibrators and dildos could she take? How far could she go and win the prize?

She started her contest with herself, after she first enjoyed the wonders of anal pleasure. She'd had no idea that the hershey highway was an area to be explored by another, let alone, by herself. Therefore she started off slowly...with small anal beads. Initially, it hurt her like hell to insert the small round balls into her azz. She found that no amount of lubrication could make it feel good. That was until she took a bath and had her toys in the tub with her. The small beads slid easily into her rectum, while she worked her vibrator on her clit and in her vagina. Her orgasm was explosive...not only did she make herself scream, but her orgasm came from her azz. It pulsed and convulsed, pulling the small beads further into her body. That was when her journey started.

Several months later she has worked her way up to inserting both a slim veiny 6" vibrating dildo and a string of extra large beads for her anal play. She has trained her muscles there to hold them in her body until she had completely finished bathing. She smiled to herself, since that area was an exit only, her body automatically wanted to purge her toys. She was not going to let that deter her...she began to train. She purchased several butt plugs, starting off with small ones and gradually worked her way to large butt plugs. She would insert them in her azz and hold them for a few minutes, adding more minutes each time. After several weeks of butt plug training she tested herself by placing the largest one she had in her rectum, stepped into a pair of panties and walked around her house. She'd set her clock for an hour, she had kept it in for three. Now, when she clenches her azz cheeks her hole closes up tight, keeping everything in that wants to go out. That training led to more she hopes has prepared her for tonights session.

Tonight she had big plans for herself. She had graduated from the slim 6" and extra-large beads to a monstrous 9" dildo. It was life-like and veiny with a suction cup and balls that gave her the feeling of the real thing. It was so big that she had trouble when she first got it riding it cowgirl how on earth was she going to get it to fit ---back there? But with everything she did...she tried and tried until it worked.

She ran a milk bath with a little baby oil, as the combination made her entire body slick all over. Then she cleansed her body thoroughly, grabbed her timer and set it for one hour. That is how long she would give herself to get it in. Sweat trickled down her face in between her breast. Her anal cavity and vagina both began to clench from the anticipation of what was to come. Slowly she opened her legs, then reached over to grab her dildo...there were two on the side of the tub, after all she had two holes to fill.

She worked it on her clit, moving it up and down, stopping at both holes to let them feel the huge head. Her legs started to tremble, her puzzy got wetter and she knew it was time. The first nudge of the head her body tightened up. She repeated her tenet that she did each Monday "relax, relax" or she would imagine she was in an actual contest with other women and whomever could get it in (it didn't matter the size of the toy, her ultimate goal was the prize) then the winner would be "the best and make the Master happy". She never masturbated without an imaginary prize...usually praises bestowed upon her by her Master.

Her self hypnosis worked, because the head was in and her body clenched. The next test was to sit with the head only in for ten minutes...when the ten minutes were up, she would push some more until she her body tightened up. Again she repeated her self hypnosis, and the process was repeated over and over until she felt the full 9" inside of her. It filled her completely, moving past her sphincter muscles, her rectum was stretched to its limit. A limit that had her azz clenching around it as she slowly moved her body from side to side. That movement opened her up even more...she settled her head back and closed her eyes...letting the feeling wash over her...She loved this...not only was it a test of her own mental and physical strength, but it was also a race against the clock...she had to do it all in an hour.

She opened her eyes, as she let her body relax. She looked over at her timer, she had fifteen minutes left. She reached out and snagged her other toy from the side of the tub, an exact replica of what was in her azz. It slide easly into her puzzy, her walls swallowing it up. Her body bucked at the feel of it and she had to calm down. Slowly she worked both of them in her body. Moving slowly from side to side, then sitting up so that she could ride them, bouncing her body up and down, the water slushing over the sides. Her muscles clamped down on both toys, her body shivering and quaking as the first wave of her climax began. She screamed outloud as in her mind, she'd beat her competition and yet again made her Master proud.

Slowly her body relaxed, and she eased both toys from her body, her holes continued to convulse as she leaned back into the tub. There was a huge grin on her face, her body and her mind had been if only she could find a man---hell, two men that could do her the way she does herself...



Anonymous said…
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, to be a fly on the wall for that experience Sass!

Anonymous said…
I became her and enjoyed each test, each feeling...What a ride!!
SassyScribe said…
I am glad that you liked it...

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