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Romantic Time Book Lovers Convention

The Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention celebrated their 25th year as the leader and authority on book reviews for romance writers. It took place this past week {5-14 to 5-21} in sunny Daytona Beach, FL. This 7 day convention was comprised of daily workshops conducted by various authors.

I attended to receive my award for the Romantic Times BOOKreview 2005 Reviewers Choice Award for Best African American Novel, by a first time author for THE PARTY!

I co facilitated three workshops, with two other authors. The first workshop facilator did not attend, therefore, I was asked to step in to discuss the business of publishing. I am in the wrong business, because I truly have issues talking to large crowds of individuals. I introduced myself to the participants and discussed my book, and the self publishing process.

The second workshop I discussed plotting your story and characters, and I was assisted by Leslie Esdaile, whom is a writer of thrillers, romance, and vampire erotica.

The final w…

Saphari Books, Inc. - Re Releases THE PARTY

Saphari Books, inc.
P. O. Box 232
Pasadena, MD USA

Saphari Books, Inc. re-releases THE PARTY by award winning novelist Saundra E. Harris

Baltimore, MD – April 30, 2006 – Saphari Books, Inc. announces the re release of the best selling novel THE PARTY {ISBN 0-974-5486-1-8}, by award winning novelist Saundra E. Harris.

A representative of Saphari Books, Inc., advised, “Winning the Romantic Times BOOKreview 2005 Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best African American Novel, sparked Ms. Harris to not only re release THE PARTY, but to move foward in her completion of THE AFTER PARTY.
THE PARTY” is an invitation into the Baltimore party scene of five women whose friendship is tested when sex and drugs enter into their lives.

“Sex and The City made me realize that I had friends just like that! Friends that you tell everything to, and do just about everything with, so ‘THE PARTY' grants you access into the lives of these friends”, says Harris.


...I Miss Intimacy the MOST

What I miss the most about not being in a relationship is the the intimacy.

I miss the closeness of that other person. I miss knowing that someone special, other than family and friends, cares about your well being. I miss having someone to share my good news with. My good times and my bad...I miss having someone willing to just listen to me talk a whole in your head about the most inane subject...LOL Not the small talk that we all make now in the early stages of dating. That getting to know you period, where you ask out of politeness "How was your day?", rather than actually caring to know about your day.

I miss laughing with someone...we all know that private joke that only the two of you know...I miss the joking, the teasing, the easy banter, the daily debates over current events, and the times where we just sit in companionable silence.

I miss the sharing of self...its not just wanting someone to care for/about me, I want to be able to express the share, to laugh…