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So Damn Tired

Over the past few months I have been thinking and reflecting alot on relationships...why, why, why, why, why? Why do people do the things that they do? Why do people say the things they say? Why am I still single...and I thought about alot of situations that involved me personally. I thought about situations that I see women around me in, and I hear of situations all of the time...and to be honest, I am still searching for the answer. When folks read this they are going to hear alot of bitterness in this blog and that is because I at the moment I am writing this I am bitter. I am angry, upset, confused, but most of all, I am tired. I am tired of the lies, I am tired of the distrust, most importantly I am tired of the game.

Everyday I listen to the radio there is some woman whining about how her man is cheating! I listen and I want to say you have one of two choices, shut the fuck up and deal with it, or leave. Don't tell me shit about the kids, the finances, or anything like that..…

In The Name of Love

Everywhere I turn, there is a nut bucket on television committing heineious crimes against other individuals in the name of love...

I've heard of some crazy stories over the last few days all about how some nut bucket man is crazed enough to kill "his girl" because she had the temerity to stop seeing him and started seeing another man. This mindset and/or attitude of "if I can't have you know one will" is truly beyond crazy.

The latest story reads... "Houston, AP News - A 19-year-old Texas A&M University student was killed by her ex-boyfriend, who then dismembered and burned her body on a patio grill, authorities said Saturday" This bastard was fucking crazy with a capital C! Obviously the death penalty means nothing to him, because Texas is killing their inmates left and right...and this young animal should be the next on the list. Fuck his trial...why is he still sharing the air that I and others breath...why is he allowed a fair trial...whats …

Sexual History - To Share or Not to Share?

How honest are you about your past sexual history with your significant other? Are you totally honest and up front about those college days...and how you "got drunk" and in that "altered" state of mind you let the frat boys run a train on you? Or in that same frame of mind you "made out" with someone of the same sex?

Can you honestly handle the truth if you were to find out that instead of being her fifth lover like she told you, you're really number 105? I mean they say when a woman tells you how many lovers she's had you automatically multiply it by 2, but does same sex partners count? What if she "stripped" to "pay her way through college"...what if, what if, what if???? Damn IF - If wish was a dish, I'd be full...right! The same goes for would you feel if you found out that he let one of his frat brothers lick peanut butter from his nipples? Remember he, just like you, were "drunk"...blaming shit on…

What Made You Phuck Them?

I wonder why do people fuck the people that they know I think about crazy ass shit like that. What made you fuck the person your with? Or the last person you were with...or currently with?

Was it the dick/pussy? Did they give good head? Did he just touch all the sides of your walls at once while blowing your back out...did she whip her hips like a hula hoop...I mean what was it? Was he/she worth it? Did you really like them, or was it just a random act of senseless sex?

I ask because it makes me wonder....why are you sleeping with the person your sleeping with. Is it a relationship? Or is that you are just sex buddies....(thats the next blog...)


You Phucked That????

I don't even know what to name this blog...but why is it that you see ugly, funk stank, nasty ass people with babies. Maybe its because I see so many children not giving the chances and opportunities that I had. Or that the children in my immediate and extended family have.

I say that to say, you ever see some women, look at how they look, act, dress, ----total over all appearance and you wonder "Who in the hell would fuck that?" Don't lie, I know people do...I see it daily. I also see it with men..."Who would let him fuck them?" is what I think, and then I turn and see his female counterpart trailing behind him with three or four little ugly baby roaches...just plain ignorance breeding ignorance.

I say to myself, the only reason why that woman has a baby is not because she wanted one, but because she wanted the world to know that someone, at sometime, fucked her! Period! There is a man out there that ran up in her and she has living proof of the off-spring. …

Should a woman have to convince her man, hell for that matter any man, to make love to her?

Should a woman have to convince her man, hell for that matter any man, to make love to her?
I ask because yall know how I have friends and how they confide in me and ask me questions, well this one friend has been seeing a guy and although they used to have sex, they don't anymore. She said that its almost like she has to convince him to do it to her.

Shit, I used to have alot of men interested in wanting to "get to know me", but now that I have since abstained from intimacy, my phone is silent and the dates have stopped! But at least I know where they are coming from. SEX is important to men. Unlike women, SEX is an extensial expression of how a man may feel about you. Men aren't as verbal as women when it comes to that, (I said not as verbal) because there are some men out there that are very intune and in touch with their more sensitive side. But regardless of whether or not I have chosen to abstain, should I want to "get down with the get down" TODAY, it …

Pissed Off and Fed Up!

I am pissed off and fed up with the way in which people are treating children. I am so sick and damn tired of hearing one sad story after another. In the last 3 days there have been 3 outrageously appalling stories on the news media. First there was the little boy that died of a toothache that manifested itself into an infection that went to his brain! All because the parents didn't have any other health care other than Medicaid and dentist do not take them. What most black people don't know is that they can get care for anything at any teaching hospital in their area.

Secondly, unless you have been living under a rock, many of us know about the young brothers in Texas that videotaped them getting a 2 year old and a 5 year old HIGH! They acutally showed their faces and thought it was very funny to get these youngsters stoned.

What in the blue hell possessed them to do such a thing and not think it wouldn't have any repersucssions! I was shocked, appalled, but most of all hur…

It Was Consenual - She Called it RAPE!

This is at the request of a friend who asked me why do women lie about having consensual sex and then cry rape? He said he met this girl, and things were cool, it was just supposed to be a stick and move...and real easy in and out type of deal, but he said because he didn't cuddle...because he didn't sweet talk or smooth talk or appease her fragile female ego, she has now decided that what they did was not consensual rather it was rape.

He didn't find this out until recently when he opened his door and the detectives were there questioning him about "said female" and "his said actions" towards this female. Ironically, he is a relationship and just gave his girl an engagement ring over the weekend and then this happens. When he asked me about it, I had no real answer because I'm a woman and I know that even though its not right THERE ARE PLENTY OF WOMEN THAT CRY RAPE! Its an easy way out of a bad situation for them. Its wrong as hell, but because they…