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It Was Consenual - She Called it RAPE!

This is at the request of a friend who asked me why do women lie about having consensual sex and then cry rape? He said he met this girl, and things were cool, it was just supposed to be a stick and move...and real easy in and out type of deal, but he said because he didn't cuddle...because he didn't sweet talk or smooth talk or appease her fragile female ego, she has now decided that what they did was not consensual rather it was rape.

He didn't find this out until recently when he opened his door and the detectives were there questioning him about "said female" and "his said actions" towards this female. Ironically, he is a relationship and just gave his girl an engagement ring over the weekend and then this happens. When he asked me about it, I had no real answer because I'm a woman and I know that even though its not right THERE ARE PLENTY OF WOMEN THAT CRY RAPE! Its an easy way out of a bad situation for them. Its wrong as hell, but because they are more into self preservation and saving their own reputation and azz, they will sacrifice YOU and throw you under the bus. Its wrong as hell, but its done every day...think back and ask yourself, when a woman claims to have been raped, do you believe her or do you question the validity of the accusations/allegations?

Honestly, I was one of those individuals that used to automatically believe the woman when she said she was raped. I am, after all, a woman! How would I look not believing that a fellow "sister" was not raped, when it is one of the most vile and ultimately humiliating acts anyone can do to a person. I guess back then, I was young, naive, and full of "the good of mankind and human nature", then the blinders came off and I grew up. NOW, I sit back and question and I won't automatically think that the woman is telling the truth, because recently consensual sex has somehow turned into rape. Yes, I understand that when a woman says NO that means NO! Not maybe or almost, kinda sorta, but it means NO. What women need to understand is that you should not take the man to the brink of heaven then drop him back down to earth with a thump! Its not as easy for some men to overcome the urgings of their lower other words, they can't talk "him" down.

I always think about the Mike Tyson rape case, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Owens, Jr. (quarterback on Navy Football team), the Duke University Lacrosse Team, and the list can go on...but all of these cases are involving women, whom for some reason or another said NO at the last minute/wrong time, or dammit, wanted something more than to be a quick hit.

But if you sit back and look at it logically, you will see it differently. Case in point, Desiree Washington, the woman that accused Mike Tyson of rape, went to his room at 2am...we all know that anytime after 10pm are straight booty call hours so she knew what was up. She knew that he called her for a piece of azz and she was more than willing to give it to him...the problem was that Mike was/is a little heavy handed, maybe even rough, and she wasn't prepared for the physical aspect of the night, but trust me, anytime a woman takes off her panty liner, she is about to get down! Next we have Kobe Bryant and his little white girl from Denver...nuff said, he should've called in a professional hooker and left the money on the dresser and to this day none of us would've known that anything had went down. Lamar Owens, Jr., is in the whitest of all Academy's in the nation and he chose a fellow midshipman to get down with, when there were more than enough women (black and white) in Annapolis throwing it at the Midshipmen, just because they are in their dress whites! Finally, we have the Duke University Lacrosse Team and the young stripper, again same situation, different race of women. I watched how America automatically assumed that just because she danced for a living that she obviously must've been down for whatever as well. Yes, I know some strippers that suppliment their income by doing "extra", and that is fine for thos that are like that, but not all strippers are. At first I didn't want to believe it because she was a sister, but she too, like the young girl with Kobe had a plethora of random sperm in her dirty azz drawers, so her credibility was instantly shot. I'm not saying that a woman/women cannot have multiple sex partners, after all, this is the age of instant gratification, what I am saying is that if you do have multiple partners, wash your azz and douche in between partners. Nothing makes a woman look worse than being caught with multiple DNA's of sperm in her panties, AFTER she has accused another man of rape!

I think sometimes that women want to hurt and lash out for being hurt themselves or over some wrong that they have perceived that man to have done to them and what easier way than to cry rape. The unfortunate thing is that women that do this have done more harm than good to the women that are truly raped, truly traumatized by this use of forcefulness, strength, and control of their entire person. The act of sex within the realm act of rape is not as significant AS the control; the heady power that the man feels over his victims...and that is what it boils down to; is overpowering the "weaker" sex.

Not only do false accusations hurt the accused, but it has a rippling effect in his entire life. He could be arressted, loose his job, loose his family, but most of all, it will takes years for people to forget that at one time he was accused and on trial for a crime he never committed all because of a lie.

I am going to continue to pray for my friend, but it makes me wonder...How many lives have been ruined from "the girl who cried wolf"?



bianconero said…
Anonymous said…
For any man who is reading this Blog youreally need to take heed. What we think may be a one night stand. A quick hit it and split it. Can really come back to bite you. I have no one to blame but myself for putting myself in this situation. Trust me I have learned my lessen. The detectives proved she made it up, but i was a lucky one, the next brother may not be so lucky. I hope that no sister reading this would stoop so low to do this to another brother. No matter what he has done you never need to lie on him about something like this! Blessed once again!
SassyScribe said…
Smooches...that's what friends are for!

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