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America's Fear & Fascination of The Black Man

When it comes to shrewdness, manipulation, and political moves, the GOP & the Republican Party wins it hands down! As much as I abhor having to give them credit for anything…I have to give them credit for always being able to pull a rabbit out of their hats and convince the dumb, stupid, ignorant and uninformed American that you can do/be whatever you want so long as you lie, cheat, and steal to do it… because “hey…its okay!” I mean after all, the United States of America was founded by lying, stealing, cheating, and pillaging the first settlers, so why would it not be okay for this mindset to continue hundreds of years late?

On Wednesday, Senator John McCain, the Presidential Candidate representing the Republican party took part in what many are calling Karl Rovian tactics. His rash decision to suspend his Presidential campaign is nothing more than political gaming at its best. Why is it, that people do not see it for what this is…his numbers were slipping in the poles and he need…

Change by Guest Blogger Kendrick Smith

I received this from a good friend of mine, a future leader and philosopher of LIFE...please read and leave your comments...tune into WSER Sassy Entertainment Radio on Thursday, Sept. 25th @ 9PM can subscribe to the show by clicking on the RSS tab above...

Greetings Friends and Family,

These days it seems that the word "change" is continuosly being used in catch phrases. The question is, what is it that is going to bring about true change. Change is something that starts in the individual. It is something that must come from the inside and then work itself out. Each and everyone of us has something that we can do to bring about change in our surroundings and our daily lives. If we wait on "a leader" or one individual to bring about changes on our behalf , it is not going to happen. Everyone makes a difference, every little bit helps, and that's where working as a colliective and unity plays its part. We must begin to think for ourselves and pay attentio…

Needs To Be Yale T. Beverly

I know that this is a forum for love and relationships, but as a certified Obamacan when I received this email from a friend I just had to ask him if he would consider it for my blog. He said I introduce to you Guest Blogger YALE T. BEVERLY...


Good afternoon friends,

Look, I am tired of all of this rhetoric around the election and comparing Sarah Palin to candidate Obama!! America is being fooled and hood winked and it is insulting to me and anyone who is free thinking and intelligent. Stop being led to the slaughter!! Here are straight facts, without preaching or embellishment. You can check them yourselves if you have a mind to find the “truth” and deal with the consequences!!

Sarah Palin, by many accounts is a fair and decent governor for the state of Alaska; but she has only held office for less than 2 years.
Comparing Palin to Obama is ridiculous, she is UP FOR Vice President, he is RUNNING for and has been nominated to be, President.

She has ZER…

What Women Wear...Representing & Perception

Baltimore is rich with culture and the discovery of new and exciting places is always fun! I had the pleasure of enjoying one such spot recently and although a little pricey for food and drinks it is the atmosphere that I go for...atmosphere is that which I seek, especially when I am on a people watching jaunt.

This particular night was no different when it came to sitting back, sipping on my Tuaca (glass chilled w/lemon and lime) as I perused the mixed crowd of thirty and forty something's eagerly trying to catch the eye for "the one".

What I noticed most especially is the way in which some of the women were dressed and yet I watched how disturbed they became because their dress garnered the wrong attention from men. One young lady in particular who I have to admit was ROCKING her outfit, at first walked in with much confidence and as the eyes of the men caressed her body in albiet open admiration, I witnessed through the night that she was not feeling the attention. Let …