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America's Fear & Fascination of The Black Man

When it comes to shrewdness, manipulation, and political moves, the GOP & the Republican Party wins it hands down! As much as I abhor having to give them credit for anything…I have to give them credit for always being able to pull a rabbit out of their hats and convince the dumb, stupid, ignorant and uninformed American that you can do/be whatever you want so long as you lie, cheat, and steal to do it… because “hey…its okay!” I mean after all, the United States of America was founded by lying, stealing, cheating, and pillaging the first settlers, so why would it not be okay for this mindset to continue hundreds of years late?

On Wednesday, Senator John McCain, the Presidential Candidate representing the Republican party took part in what many are calling Karl Rovian tactics. His rash decision to suspend his Presidential campaign is nothing more than political gaming at its best. Why is it, that people do not see it for what this is…his numbers were slipping in the poles and he needed to breathe new life into his campaign. What better way to do this, than to once again distract the voting audience from the real issues and have it focus on him. The sad part is that it is working…there are folks that truly believe he is doing this for the betterment of the country and not to gain political points. On top of all of this he seems not to have the ability to multi-task as he not only wishes to suspend his campaign but also to postpone the debates. As Senator Obama stated, “…a President is going to have to be able to handle multiple issues at the same time...” A true statement, but I wonder what the tide would be like were it Obama who had suspended his campaign for a crisis that has been in the news for several weeks but at the witching hour (i.e. closer to the debate) he decides to “step in and help Congress out”? Can you all picture how that scenario would’ve played out. How the right wing media would’ve been all over the fact that maybe he isn’t ready to lead?

See the real issue is that not just John McCain and the right wing media, but many of American’s are fearful and at the same time fascinated with Senator Obama. They fear his leadership. They fear his intellect. They fear his measured words and his calmness in any storm. They fear his careful consideration of issues and the fact that he is more proactive as opposed to his opponent who is always reactive. They fear his vision for America. However, they are also FASCINATED by Senator Obama, because of the very same things that they are FEARFUL of. Sounds like a dichotomy but its not…all of America knows that change is imminent and that Senator Barack Hussein Obama is the man to effect that change, but many are still not able and/or willing to call him President and/or defer to him as the Commander In Chief.

Each day the GOP does something that Senator Obama would be lambasted about and they use everything that they can against him…but guess what GOP you have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him and now all there are is pipes left. Nothing sticks…and as much as folks want to have that third-party guilt by association clause, then every one of US has someone in our lives that does/says something that we don’t agree with. Doesn’t mean we eliminate them from our lives, it just means we can agree to disagree a concept the GOP is not familiar with. They are like petulant children and some adults I know who feel if you don’t like their ideas then you don’t like them. Silly, yes, but some folks still think like that.

As we speak, they are still trying to postpone a much needed debate. I want to hear what the two men have to say about their plans for our country and more importantly I want to see them. I have to know in my heart that what they are saying they are saying because they believe in their vision and feel that they would be the best person for the job. But as the McCain continues to use plays from the Bush Handbook of Politics it solidifies my thoughts that he is running scared, his campaign is in shambles all because of F E A R. This entire debacle shows that America and McCain are fearful of strong black men. Is it because he knows that although he has whined like a baby about Senator Obama not meeting him in small town hall meetings that I am sure would’ve been wrought with McCain supporters, that Obama would have come out as a winner? Is it because Senator McCain knows that in a debate, Obama’s, executive management skills will reveal McCain for the weakling that he is? That he [McCain] will be shown out as not as “maverickesque” as he wants everyone to believe he is. I mean it is clear that he is more reactive than proactive in everything that he does. Whenever his ship is sinking his lifeline has been to do what is politically correct rather than what would be best for the country. His mantra of “country first” is a smoke screen for his MalcolmXeque “by any means necessary” tenet to win…this is the reaction of a people that continue to be fearful and fascinated with black men.

Senator Obama is doing the right thing so far in sticking to his guns. It is imperative that he remains focused and on task about the issues and not about a personality test. They will continue to try and paint him as unpatriotic whenever it feels like this “black man isn’t towing the line”…see, that is the key, this man, this honorable and venerable black man walks to the beat of the drum that God has set for him and no one else. Make no mistake...there is no coincidence in the fact that he gave his acceptance speech 45 years to the day that Dr. Martin Luther King gave his own notable “I Have A Dream” speech…it is no coincidence rather a divine intervention that we are able to finally see the struggles that our forefathers fought for come to fruition…it is no longer a dream, yet a reality. A reality that is so close…a reality that each time Senator Obama gets a little close to the finish line, they continue to move it just an nth out of reach…BUT we as a people, we all know what needs to be done and we should all be willing to do whatever we can to ensure that the right man wins, and that with his help we can hopefully get them to have a better understanding of OUR people and OUR men…


****Normally I do not chime in on the political climate…but I feel that the recent events tie in well with the topic for WSER Sassy Entertainment Radio’s show scheduled for, Thursday, September 25, 2008 @ 9PM EST/6PM PST…AMERICA’S FEAR & FASCINATION OF THE BLACK MAN! A Chat room will be available log in and voice your thoughts…Comment Line 646.716.7414. Or call my voice blog and leave your comments there…


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