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My Thoughts About the BET 2009 Awards Show

On June 25, 2009, a mother lost her son, three children lost their father, a family lost a loved one, and the world lost an icon in the music and entertainment industry. Michael Joseph Jackson’s death was a shock to us all, so when I heard that BET was going to include a tribute to MJ in their 2009 BET Awards show, I was excited and anxiously awaited an awards show as I did when I was a teenager. To be honest, I had no intentions of viewing the show, because the past couple of award shows that I watched were just too ghetto for me to stomach.

When the show started at I was like, “YES”, Boyz To Men back together AND singing an MJ tune, now that is what I was looking forward to seeing. I just knew that BET was going to move mountains and make it happen…but they didn’t. I mean its Hollywood, and in Hollywood money talks…but obviously not at BET. What I witnessed is the main reason why I stopped watching BET over fifteen years ago…long before it sold and after they released Tavis Smiley, I…