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My Thoughts About the BET 2009 Awards Show

On June 25, 2009, a mother lost her son, three children lost their father, a family lost a loved one, and the world lost an icon in the music and entertainment industry. Michael Joseph Jackson’s death was a shock to us all, so when I heard that BET was going to include a tribute to MJ in their 2009 BET Awards show, I was excited and anxiously awaited an awards show as I did when I was a teenager. To be honest, I had no intentions of viewing the show, because the past couple of award shows that I watched were just too ghetto for me to stomach.

When the show started at I was like, “YES”, Boyz To Men back together AND singing an MJ tune, now that is what I was looking forward to seeing. I just knew that BET was going to move mountains and make it happen…but they didn’t. I mean its Hollywood, and in Hollywood money talks…but obviously not at BET. What I witnessed is the main reason why I stopped watching BET over fifteen years ago…long before it sold and after they released Tavis Smiley, I had stopped watching BET because they made it seem like our community were a bunch of booty shakin’ baffoon’s who cared nothing about NEWS and only about music.

I sit here and simmer more and more as I think about the other shows I should’ve watched, or the movie my man wanted to take me to see, that I declined because BET had advertised for the last three days about this tribute to THE KING OF POP and I so desperately wanted to see what I though would be an amazing show. So am I the only one pissed and disturbed not only at Joe's (Jackson) behavior and niggafied attitude, but with the PHUCKERY (to coin an LSA term) that I witnessed last night...I mean is that what BET calls a tribute...if that was the case it was the worst tribute ever.

I cringed at Lil Wayne and his phedofilistic song about fucking little girls and then SoulJay Boy TellEm if that was him on the bed, non-signing drawls showing jumping up and down like a monkey on stage...WTF! Is this what we call entertainers now? I mean am I the only person that didn't expect BET TO BRING IT! It was Michael Joseph Jackson, the creator of Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It, Rock With You, She’s Out of My Life, Dangerous, you name it just about every entertainer has sampled his music and/or attempted to moonwalk. I never owned a Beat It jacket or the Thriller jacket, but I remember waking up early every Saturday morning to see THE JACKSON 5 cartoon!!! I was absolutely stunned because MJJ is not some obscure one hit wonder, or one year phenom...he WAS THE KING OF mean to tell me Beyonce couldn't have done justice to one of his songs??? Where was Usher? Chris Brown? A tribute is when folks do a medley of his songs...not just Jaime and Ne-Yo (who did very well) but a rack of people paying tribute to a man that inspired them.

Let’s not even go into the fact that hardly any of the award recipients thanked MJ for being an inspiration etc...LeBron thanked him and he is a baller...nothing at all to do with music and yet he took 2 seconds to give MJ a shout out...

Maybe it’s me, but I really expected more from BET than what I saw last night...and it again solidified for me the reason why I no longer watch and/or support BET.



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