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Needs To Be Yale T. Beverly

I know that this is a forum for love and relationships, but as a certified Obamacan when I received this email from a friend I just had to ask him if he would consider it for my blog. He said I introduce to you Guest Blogger YALE T. BEVERLY...


Good afternoon friends,

Look, I am tired of all of this rhetoric around the election and comparing Sarah Palin to candidate Obama!! America is being fooled and hood winked and it is insulting to me and anyone who is free thinking and intelligent. Stop being led to the slaughter!! Here are straight facts, without preaching or embellishment. You can check them yourselves if you have a mind to find the “truth” and deal with the consequences!!

Sarah Palin, by many accounts is a fair and decent governor for the state of Alaska; but she has only held office for less than 2 years.
Comparing Palin to Obama is ridiculous, she is UP FOR Vice President, he is RUNNING for and has been nominated to be, President.

She has ZERO foreign policy experience and was handpicked by candidate McCain.
Obama has been campaigning for over a year, has traveled outside of the country and has met with leaders and dignitaries of countries America has to deal with and WILL be dealing with in the near future. He has been lambasted for being a “celebrity” and drawing thousands of people to hear him speak in other countries! Why is THAT a bad thing? For the last 8 years, America has lost popularity with countries and nations that have been traditional allies and friends for DECADES. Why be upset that there is someone that COULD possibly draw those lines back together? Why would it be bad for nations to WANT to deal with America again, instead of turning their backs to us, while taking our money?
Comparing Palin to Obama is ridiculous, she is UP FOR Vice President, he is RUNNING for and has been nominated to be, President.

Palin attended college at Hawaii Pacific University; did not graduate. She transferred to North Idaho College; did not graduate. She transferred to The University of Idaho; did not graduate. She moved to Alaska in 1985 and attended Matanuska-Susitna College for the fall semester; did not graduate. She finally returned to University of Idaho for Spring and Fall 1986 and Spring 1987 to graduate with a degree in Journalism. She has never held any job in Journalism other than a job as a Sportscaster. She claims to have distain for the “Media Elite”.Comparing Palin to Obama is ridiculous, she is UP FOR Vice President, he is RUNNING for and has been nominated to be, President.

Barack Obama has B.A. in International Relations from Columbia University. J.D. from Harvard Law School, and was Editor of the Harvard Law Review.
Comparing Palin to Obama is ridiculous, she is UP FOR Vice President, he is RUNNING for and has been nominated to be, President.

Her husband belongs to and supports a group that believes that Alaska should secede from the United States of America!! Could Michelle? She was blasted for saying that until she saw that her husband COULD win the Presidency, she had not PERSONALLY found a reason to be proud of this country. Besides, wasn’t THAT issue settled in 1865?!?!? Why has this been suppressed and not released to the general population?
Comparing Palin to Obama is ridiculous, she is UP FOR Vice President, he is RUNNING for and has been nominated to be, President.

She was the mayor of a small town in Alaska before becoming Governor. How is becoming the mayor of a small town about the size of Columbia, MD any different than becoming a “community organizer” to effect change in an area that requires it?
Comparing Palin to Obama is ridiculous, she is UP FOR Vice President, he is RUNNING for and has been nominated to be, President.

Now, let us get personal; she is a Right to Lifer, there is nothing wrong with that, but she supported her daughter’s CHOICE to have her baby. Come on People, do you really THINK she would have been allowed to HAVE an abortion?!?! This same daughter is 17, in High School, is sexually active, and either had no education on birth control, did not care to use any, or had no parent telling her to be careful.

If Barack Obama had a 17 year old daughter who found herself under these same circumstances, there is no way he would still be running for President because he would not have been able to continue getting funding and support from the people who endorse candidates, let alone “the American People”, or the so-called “Liberal Media”. The headlines would read, “Can’t Control Family, How can he Control a Nation”.
Comparing Palin to Obama is ridiculous, she is UP FOR Vice President, he is RUNNING for and has been nominated to be, President.

And for McCain?

Fact: War veteran, hero for being shot down over Vietnam in October of 1967 and surviving gallantly as a POW for 6 years. He came back from the war as a repatriated “Hero and celebrity” in 1973. In 1976 while stationed in Florida, McCain had numerous extramarital affairs that became “public” and his marriage started to fall apart. He met and began an affair with Cindy Lou Hensley in 1979. Filed for and was granted a divorce from his first wife, Carol in April of 1980. Married Cindy Lou in May of 1980. McCain has never been a Mayor nor a community organizer, but with the help of powerful connections, ran for the 1st Congressional District seat in Arizona.

Interrogative: How is it that Conservatives, Republicans & Religious groups are so eager to back this man and woman for office, when everything about their history slaps in the face of moral values and family virtues??
Education: Graduated from The United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, 894 out of 899. (Only the Service Academies record this stat)

Just for one second, THINK…, Replace the names Obama & Biden with Palin and McCain, under THESE circumstances, and ask would you vote for the Democratic ticket? If you would, then chances are, you really do want change in this country and have your mind made up already. But if you said NO WAY, if you DO still believe in the so called “moral majority”, “family values”, and all that other SPIN that Karl Rove used to get Dubya Bush elected in 2000 & 2004; then you have ask yourself “WHY do I support McCain?”

Look, you don’t have to share my opinion, nor do you have to even read this letter. But please, pass it along, think about THE FACTS that are listed and the so called “issues” that are driving this election, and then VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! I don’t care who YOU vote for, just stop being “sheep”, and think for yourselves!!

Yale T. Beverly


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