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Change by Guest Blogger Kendrick Smith

I received this from a good friend of mine, a future leader and philosopher of LIFE...please read and leave your comments...tune into WSER Sassy Entertainment Radio on Thursday, Sept. 25th @ 9PM can subscribe to the show by clicking on the RSS tab above...

Greetings Friends and Family,

These days it seems that the word "change" is continuosly being used in catch phrases. The question is, what is it that is going to bring about true change. Change is something that starts in the individual. It is something that must come from the inside and then work itself out. Each and everyone of us has something that we can do to bring about change in our surroundings and our daily lives. If we wait on "a leader" or one individual to bring about changes on our behalf , it is not going to happen. Everyone makes a difference, every little bit helps, and that's where working as a colliective and unity plays its part. We must begin to think for ourselves and pay attention to the things being placed in front of us. We can longer afford to blindly follow. We must ask ourselves, what is it that is compelling us to make the decisions that we are about to make, and what are the possible consequences that could follow. Remember that things are as they are, only because people have formed the habit of accepting them as they are. When people change their habitual thought about governmental, social, and industrial institutions, they will change the institutions. Finally, knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.

Peace & Blessings,


The Veil’s about to Get Raised
By Kendrick Smith

Will we ever see change in this here great melting pot
Where overzealous cops salute Black men with fifty shots
Is that what is symbolized by fifty stripes and fifty stars
Where we’re still trying to heal from over fifty years of scars
When we elect this next Black president, is it a move from dusk to dawn
Where in a land they used to pic a nigger, oops, I mean picanic on the white house lawn
When Sam Cooke said a change was gonna come, the brother was right
So please understand that Brother Barak or any other leader can’t change five hundred years of oppression over night
I know many are ready to party and get loose at the inauguration ball
But remember as things evolve, one must learn that they can never walk before they crawl
I ask, will the time ever come, when we begin to use our own brains
And when will we pool together and bring about our own change
Like a child with a lighter in the dry woods of your mind, I hope these words set ablaze like a fire
And realize that change will never come, waiting on a man to be your messiah
What lies ahead, it’s only human nature to inquire and inspect
And though many lean one way, I ask whose cable tow is around the politician’s neck
Open your eyes family, what’s obscuring our views
Don’t you know that we still live in a time where the masses are controlled by the few
For cheap labor, domestic jobs get outsourced over to foreign soil
As these ravenous wolves called capitalists have created a surplus on oil
So we’re forced to find alternative fuels as I write in the midst these lines
And Exxon’s got two Xs in their name, cause we’ve been double crossed more than two times
I see a pale horse and police states approaching, and to me it’s absurd
Where the land of the free is led by the Skull and Bones, Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderbergs
Throughout the perilous times, it seems like the eagle continues soars
And as they conclude one, it seems that these machinists try to find ways to make more money off of fabricated wars
But we’ve still gotta vote to pay homage and give our ancestors respect
Cause to know what they endured and not vote, is symbolic of the nooses that remain our necks
Who am I going to vote for, is a question heavily pondered in a multitude of minds
But it’s hard when Jews got Fox news showing the same clips fifty-leven times
Reptilians who’ve raped the planet, now front as if they’re focused on global warming
And the reason we face so many water storms, is because Mother Earth is in a continuous state of mourning
Western man knows nothing but destruction, for his nature is trife
Devouring everything in his path because he lacks the knowledge of where he fits in the circle of life
When the curtain rises, is the drama over, and what is it that will seal the masses fates
For I can already see curfews issued as the sun sets on these United States
Freedom seems to be getting taken, don’t be mistaken about this here democracy
For liberty’s just a nominal thing in this western ring copious with hypocrites and mockery
Some of the same things have gone on for so long that I can’t remember
Making me ask, are these people really down for the cause, or are they just seeds fulfilling their scheduled role supporting the House of Windsor
They say the devil’s workshop is always in minds that are idle
I guess that’s why these imps are strapping on bullet-proof vests and loading up long range rifles
For it’s the obstinate that resist change, as they attempt to keep the current paradigm alive
But I remember the words of the elder that told me that you can’t stop an idea when it’s time has finally arrived
Only dead things don’t change, so to resist is aimless, when it comes to evolution
As I remember the words of Fred Hampton that you can kill a revolutionary, but you can’t kill the revolution
You can’t stop that which is noble or touched by the Divine
So you might as well get prepared for the time when the planets and stars are to properly align
I hope these are words you live by, their purpose is to reach minds to implore
But I’m told that MUMs the word, when you play the role of the spook by the door
So my concern is for the future welfare of my fellow man, my son and my daughter
And I know that only time will tell if a man will live by his principles or whether his blood is thicker than water
They say there’s nothing new under the sun, so let’s keep it moving like the freeway, in a motion vehicular
As I pray that the incumbents of this new world, especially Othello’s children, once again get raised to the living perpendicular
It’s a return to life, thus prefacing this world order with the prefix of neo
And for things to once again stand upright, just like when the sun is sitting in Leo
Trouble don’t last always, though the nefarious keep trying
And no matter how often they attempt, they can never stop the movement of a Conquering Lion
So I warn all to get ready, and to the Beneficent, I say, all due the praise
As I hope that you’re one is open, family, cause this veil’s about to get raised


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