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In The Name of Love

Everywhere I turn, there is a nut bucket on television committing heineious crimes against other individuals in the name of love...

I've heard of some crazy stories over the last few days all about how some nut bucket man is crazed enough to kill "his girl" because she had the temerity to stop seeing him and started seeing another man. This mindset and/or attitude of "if I can't have you know one will" is truly beyond crazy.

The latest story reads... "Houston, AP News - A 19-year-old Texas A&M University student was killed by her ex-boyfriend, who then dismembered and burned her body on a patio grill, authorities said Saturday"
This bastard was fucking crazy with a capital C! Obviously the death penalty means nothing to him, because Texas is killing their inmates left and right...and this young animal should be the next on the list. Fuck his trial...why is he still sharing the air that I and others breath...why is he allowed a fair trial...whats fair, is an eye for an eye...
Maybe its me...I don't know...what is it about a woman that makes her think that being hit is her fault. Or that she deserved to be treated in such a way? I'm not saying that the young lady in the story above was one of them, but I know of some women who feel that if he doesn't hit her then he doesn't love her. Sad but true...some women no know other way of a man expressing his love unless he is a card carrying member of the "Slap-A-Ho Tribe".

I don't think that behaviors such as possessiveness and jealousy are spotted from jump. When you enter into a new relationship and he calls all the time, asking you where you were, telling you how concerned he was because you said you'd only be gone 15 minutes but was actually gone an hour, and he wants you to "let him know" next time because he was worried. Thats all cute and stuff in the beginning because you think its care & concern...when in reality its the first sign of obsession and/or possessiveness. Another sign is alienating you from your family and friends, clocking your hours to and from work, monitoring your work relationships, popping up on the job to say hello, when in actuality it is to see if you are at work. All of these are signs that you are dealing with a nut bucket. But those "rose colored" glasses of love shows you it is Care and Concern. Its not. Its jealousy so disturbing that the other person literally "loves you to death". In their own sick and twisted way they don't see anything wrong with how they love you, they don't understand that love isn't jealous, fear, mean, vile, and nasty. Rather it is a selfless feeling of wanting to see another person happy---no matter what.

An unnatural love, is a total act of selfishness on the part of your significant other. Family and friends may not see it initially, as sometimes these men have a tendency to have a different personna. They give the appearance of being true gentlemen that care about the women in their life, but they are the Mr. Hide's waiting to unleash their rath on anyone that dares to disobey them.

I remember my mother always telling me about putting a pan of hot grits on the stove or a pan of hot grease and burning a man with it should he ever put his hands on me in anger. She had all sorts of little remedies to cure abuse...but the main one was to leave, because leapords never change their spots.

I don't take too kindly to being afraid. I refuse to live in fear of my what my actions may do to him...I have a tendency to crack slick...I ask way too many questions as to why...but the main thing is -I will not live if fear because of a nut bucket.

It is not my intention to make light of this situation, but I would hope that if you or someone you love is currently in an unhealthy physically, mentally, or emotionally abusive relationship, that you will try and do all you can to help to remove them from that situation.



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