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He Cheated...Now What

So your gut instinct was found out he cheated, so now what do you do?

Many of your friends will tell you to leave him, but the majority of women will not leave after the first time they find out that their mate has cheated. To be honest, the majority of women stay, rather its for love or lifestyle, they very rarely leave.

I know so many so-called married folks that on the surface appear to be happy and beneath they are both cheating neither getting what it is they want from the other, so rather than separate they step out and come back. A revolving door of random individuals throughtout their relationship. I've heard men say they stay because of the children, as if that situation is ideal for the kids. Is it ideal if their is no sign of affection between the parents? What is that teaching and/or showing the children? What if the parents are constantly fighting, sniping, griping, and back biting one another...what does that show? Shouldn't the children know what its like to grow up in a loving and caring environment? To show a girl how to treat a man and vice versa...???

For some women that say, they will tell you that they have forgiven the transgression/infidelity, but they will never ever forget. Yes, I know forever and never are mighty long times, but speaking from a female point of view...I know this much to be true. Because I have been cheated on and I chose at that time to stay...and I forgave, but the minute he swayed and/or deviated from his schedule my thoughts turned to "is he with her"...women can say they don't think that, but when his habits and behavior changes, your thoughts take you back in time.

So now that you know that he cheated, what do you do now? How do the two of you move forward in your relationship, and learn to trust him again? How do you get over the betrayal, because men thats what it is to women...its a betrayal of the relationship, its a betrayal of her trust in you...

I have learned that the shortest distance between two people is not a straight line, rather its communication. I honestly feel, that when people cheat and we all cheat or have cheated for various reasons, but one of the main reasons is that break down in communication. Its one of the first signs that there is a problem in the relationship. When you can no longer have a decent conversation without it escalating to name calling and screaming there is an issue.

Another point is the willingness to listen and to honestly hear what the person is saying. Be open minded, and non judgemental and try to look at your part in the reason as to why this situation got out of hand.

Finally, no one other than the two of you need to know that he many times women are quick to share the most intimate details of their relationships with their family and friends and you will find that they are quick to tell you to leave and quick to call you a fool for staying. So keep your marital and/or relationship woes to helps you in the end.

What are your thoughts...he cheated, now what? How have you gotten over and/or moved on from his transgression?


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