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What Turns You On?

What turns a man on the most? Is it the sight of a naked woman? A nearly naked woman? Or a woman fully sheathed in a berka?

Ladies, we all know that it doesn't take alot to turn a man on...regardless of your weight, and/or dimensions, your man sees something in you to begin with. So lets dispense with the shyness, the meekness, the hot & cold reactions we throw out to men and do something, anything different to turn him on! Hell, you may find out that you will get turned on in the process.

Here is a sample of what I think will turn people on...

1. Sexually Explicit Conversation - hearing what a man/woman is going to do to you is the beginning of foreplay.

2. Using the 5 Senses - creating and setting a mood, that stimulates your five core senses...fragrant body oils, scented rose petals, erotic massages, scented baths, sexy lingerie & sensual foods.

3. Fantasy Fulfillment - there is nothing like telling your mate your fantasy, the bonus is that they are willing to help you in fulfilling it. Of course if this will compromise your values, morals, and/or principles and if it would make you feel uncomfortable ---DO NOT PARTICIPATE.

4. Release Inhibitions - shyness is strongly discouraged (unless role playing) let go of any/all preconcieved notions and go with the feeling of your body...

5. Submission - trust & respect are important with this one; sometimes you have to submit to your mate...

6. Light Bondage - again trust & respect come in to play here, but being restrained is an ultimate pleasure factor...not being able to move as your mate caresses your body...being teased, think about the posssibilites...

7. Light S & M - notice I added "light" because this can get real deep...again trust & respect come in to play here,this does include bondage, but it also includes much more...latex, leather, feathers, spanking, T O T A L C O N T R O L! ensure that you have a "safe word" so that your mate knows your limits....

8. Culinary Aphrodesiacs - use old beady sheets for this one, food is a major turn, and where better to explore than with a partner and on the body...we have all made "sundaes" out of our mates...chocolate, whipped cream, honey, cheeries, strawberries, are just some of the items to name a few...and for some men just the fact that a woman cooks is exciting!

9. X-Rated Video Greeting - tape yourself stripping for your mate, then mail it to them, later on watch it together and/or ...take a sexy photos of yourself and place it in his/her briefcase, video tape yourself masturbating...great gifts for the open minded

10. Toys - don't be intimidated if the toy is larger than you, it enhances the experience with a your are fun and love to see women stimulating are too many on the market to name, but Kamikaze Red is fabulous, it has total vaginal, clitorial, and anal stimulation, the Eager Beaver works best with a mate, but can be used alone...bullets are as old as time, (but to me a waste of time), regardless of where its placed....

WOW! One of these I haven't done...but I am open for trying it...

Again, these are just my opinions, but feel free to add "What Turns You On" to the list...



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